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The MSC Awards Banquet is quickly closing in.  The Knobby News was sent out and everyone should have a copy by now.  In the Knobby News, you will find 2015 MSC Membership application form(s) and the Banquet Registration form with date, time, directions and food selection. CLICK HERE for a copy of the Banquet Registration […]

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Referee wanted

Some MSC Tracks are looking for a referee for 2015.  We are striving for more consistent decisions made during the races and would like someone who would attend most of the races if not all of them. Requirements are: Minimum of 5 years of verifiable race experience as a former motocross racer. Cannot have a […]

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2014 Knobby News

Riders who race MSC Motocross know the banquet is getting closer when they get a copy of the Knobby News in the mail.   Since we have this groovy thing called a WEBSITE, we figured, why keep you waiting.  Riders will still get a copy in the  mail AND be able to show their buddies that […]

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2014 Knobby News Advertising available

The 2014 MSC Knobby News now has advertising space! Full page, half page, quarter page and business card sizes available. Over 1000 issues will be printed and sent out.  The Knobby News is a Annually Printed, Collectable Yearbook.   If you have a business you wish to promote, simply CLICK ON ADVERTISING FORM HERE  and […]

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Final Championship Points Sheets for 2014 season!

2014 Youth Points 2014 Novice Points 2014 Amateur Points 2014 Expert Points 2014 2StrokeSchoolboy Collegeboy Women 2014 GIRLS 50 VINTAGE Congratulations to all the class Champions and top 10 riders!  Everything has been gone over and should be correct. Any ties were broken by how many best finished each rider had.  Please check your names […]

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Points from Orange County 10-12-14

2014 Youth Points 2014 GIRLS 50 VINTAGE 2014 2StrokeSchoolboy Collegeboy Women 2014 Novice Points 2014 Amateur Points 2014 Expert Points We will be selling 2015 MSC Memberships on Sunday morning.  Renew now for $25!  Get it done early so you don’t forget to do it over the winter! MSC rider numbers are held for you […]

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