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Points for Diamondback MX 7-27-14

2014 Youth Points 2014 2StrokeSchoolboy Collegeboy Women 2014 GIRLS 50 VINTAGE 2014 Novice Points 2014 Amateur Points 2014 Expert Points NOVICE and AMATEUR riders – Check to see where you are for Advancement here: Advancement Points 2014  


The cards have been sent to the printer and I am waiting for them to arrive so I can mail out. I have received some calls of people that say they will just wait until the first race. Please remember that it is $10 more at the track and the line is always long. Save

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Championship Points

Here are the points as they stand now. If you have questions please e-mail me and I will check it out. CHECK THE SPELLING OF YOUR NAME SO WHEN IT GOES TO PRINT IN A FEW WEEKS IT IS CORRECT. AM points are still being looked at and checked out. They will be posted by

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Advancements for 2006

Here are the advancements that I have for this year. If you think you should be on here please e-mail me and let me know. Also. check the spelling of your name as this list will be printed in the Knobby News. Thanks. Goldie 2006 Advancement Points

Points for Knobby News

The follow is final list of points to print in the Knobby News. If you have any spelling corrections please let me know. Thanks, Goldie 2005 Amatuer Champ Points 2005 Expert Champ Points 2005 Novice Champ Points 2005 Schoolboy, Collegeboy, Women Champ Points 2005 Vintage, 35, 50 Champ Points 2005 Youth Champ Points

2005 Final Race Points

Well it is a slow go but I’m getting there. All points should be up by end of day. Please note that changes might be made due to people that call or e-mail and mistakes that are found. I’m sorry for any trouble that this might cause but this is a work in process. Have

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