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2018 New Race Classes

This season, we have added two new race classes to our Championship Series.  

  1. 250 Two Stroke Only – All Races
  2. Y2K – Year 2000 Class – All Claverack, All Ace/TheWick338, Double Points/Three Moto Format DBMX/OCFMX

Given the popularity and the lower cost of purchasing and maintaining the 250 Two Strokes, we added a 250 Two Stroke Only Class.  When signing up, please remember to write, “250 Two Stroke Only” in the class slot.  If you write “250”, you could be entered into the wrong class.  Please remember this on race day at signup.  Of course we will have a sign there and the announcer talking about this, but this message will serve as a notice.

To go along with cost effective racing, the Y2K (Year 2000 Class) be one of the least expensive classes a rider can run and be competitive.  You can use any bike from 125cc two stroke/250cc four stroke and larger and must be at least 12 years old or older. 

We at MSC realize the cost of racing continues to rise with no end in sight and we felt these classes offer anyone a great opportunity to pick up a used bike at a substantial discount compared to buying new and have fun racing competitively. 

For the 2018 Class List CLICK HERE


2018 Racing Season Starts April 15th

Hello Everyone,

With this weather cooperating so well lately, I am sure many of you have the bug to ride.   Hopefully the weather continues to remain decent enough to start venturing outdoors close to home with your dirt scooters.

For those riders who have signed up with MSC pre season, thank you.  Your number is secure.

I wanted to remind all riders that the pre season membership has ended which means your riding numbers that have not been secured are up for grabs.  Don’t lose your riding number, simply sign up either by mail or online.  Make sure you put in an alternate number and if you are signing up riders but signing in with your name, make sure their name is entered into the appropriate text boxes in the online or mail in form.   The membership cost is now $35 by mail or $37 online.

If you have any questions about riding numbers or membership in general, please contact or call Denise at (203) 305-0507.

Thank you,

James Slaughter
Chairman, Metropolitan Sports Committee


2017 Knobby News

As promised, the Knobby News is now all sent out.  For those who are not members but wish to see the Knobby News, here is the electronic version.  Each year, for many, many years, this Annual Yearbook, is created for our dedicated riders so see just how they did racing with the MSC in a full season.  We have advertisers who contribute to the printing and distribution mostly because they love the sport and because they are part of our sport committee in one way, shape or form.  We thank these folks for their contribution and remember to support them as they support our sport.  Big thanks to MH Tank Co (Mike Hoensch), McMillen Brothers Plumbing Heating A/C and Fuel Oil Delivery (Kurt McMillen), Art & John’s Auto Collision and Repair (John Coen), Twist It Designs (Kate Phillips), Vintage54 (Steve & Leslie Loving), Performance Recreation (Dan Beebe), Valley Moto Shop (Eric Kidney), & Pine Bush Equipment.

2018 will be a great year to look forward to and we hope to see everyone at the track.  Of course, we also hope to see many of you at the Awards Banquet Feb 11th, 2018 at the Motorcyclepedia Museum in Newburgh, NY.

We have a new online signup system, check it out:



2017 MSC Awards Banquet Info

FEBRUARY 11TH, 2018 @11:00am

Motorcyclepedia Museum, 250 Lake Street, Newburgh, New York 12550
Museum Directions

We at the Metropolitan Sports Committee would like to thank everyone who participated in our Championship Motocross Series in 2017.  The changes made to our points system proved to be successful in that we saw many class battles come right down to the last event.  Congratulations to all those riders that made it into the Top 10 Spots as you will be eligible to receive a beautiful award at our Annual Awards Banquet this February 11th, 2018.  Our Championship winning riders are invited to bring one Motocross Bike for display to the awards banquet.  This can be your bike you won the championship on OR your brand new ride for 2018.  (See Details click here)  We also want to thank our primary event sponsors for 2017, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Fly Racing, DP Brakes, & Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.

All Motocross Enthusiasts, please join the Metropolitan Sports Committee racing family for an afternoon you will never forget.  How about a Motocross Banquet inside a beautiful Motorcycle Museum full of history from the very first motorcycle every built to today’s Championship Motocross Bikes!  We will have Music, Great Food and Drinks, Tons and Tons of Prizes including a 2018 Suzuki RMZ-250 from Dutchess Recreational Vehicles in Poughkeepsie, NY and a 2018 Yamaha YZ450F from Troy City Garage in Troy, NY, one of the most highly sought after bikes this season.   Red Carpet Photography, Door prizes, and free entry to view all the museum exhibits.

No one will want to miss this event.

Winning an award at our banquet is not easy, but winning a Championship is grueling and tough. You all should be very proud of your accomplishments. We thank you for being part of the MSC Family of motocross racers. We hope to see you all at the banquet on February 11, 2018. We encourage you to sign up for the banquet as soon as possible. WE ORDER THE BANQUET TROPHIES BASED ON WHO IS ATTENDING THE BANQUET. NO RESERVATION, NO AWARD.

Event Schedule:

  • Registration Desk Opens at 11am – Please go around the back of the building to enter and receive your wristbands.  You will not be able to enter around front.
  • Museum will be open for viewing from 11am to 5pm for all attendees
  • Cocktail hour starts at 12pm
  • MSC 2018 Announcements 1:15pm
  • Dinner 1:30pm
  • Awards 2pm – 4pm
  • Museum closes 5pm



>> Mail in form click here  <<







2017 Advancement Points

Advancement Points are now tallied for 2017.  For those who read the MSC Guide Book, you know if you win a Championship in any Novice or Amateur  class, you will be moving to the next skill level for the following season.  You will also know if you are a Novice and you earn FIVE Overall Finishes in the Top 3 of your class, you also will be moved up to Amateur for the following season.  Last and finally, if you are a Novice and you reach 125 points in any 4 seasons, you will advance to Amateur after the race you reached 125 points, for Amateur riders, your point out number is 250.   In 2017, we had all of these above scenarios happen, except for the Amateur 250 Point out!

MSC would like to Congratulate all of our advancing riders for this accomplishment.  This means you were at the top of your respective class and you earned your way to the next level.

Riders Advancing

  • Class Champions
    • 250 B – James Slaughter Jr #6 to Expert
    • Open B – Jerome Gladney III #419 to Expert
    • Plus 25C – Dylan Roberts #911 to Amateur
    • Plus 25B – Eric Rivera #12 to Expert
    • Plus 30C – Tim Plaza #555 to Amateur
    • Plus 30B – John Plaza #733 to Expert
    • Plus 40C – Dan Howard #926 to Amateur
    • Plus 40B – Kevin Dillin Jr #410 to Expert
  • Point Out
    • 250C – Robert Everhart #270 to Amateur
    • Open C – Ray Hulseapple #41 to Amateur
  • Top 3 Five Times in Novice Class
    • 250 C – Nicholas Servidone #57 – 5 Races to Amateur
    • Open C – Danny Lucia #283 – 7 Races to Amateur
    • Plus 25 C – John Spiegel Jr #338 – 9 Races to Amateur
    • Plus 25 C – Eric Kidney #522 – 9 Races to Amateur
    • Plus 30 C – James Marks #801 – 5 Races to Amateur
    • Plus 30 C – Cesar Diaz #348 – 8 Races to Amateur
    • Plus 40 C – Blake Powel #824 – 7 Races to Amateur

Once again, congratulations Gentleman, you will receive a very cool advancement plaque at the Awards Banquet on February 11th, 2018

Advancement Points Final 2017


The banquet marks the end of the prior years race activities and the start of the new season is fast approaching.  Our banquet was full of smiling faces and riders excited that the winter is half over.   It is always nice to see our riders, dressed sharp or even in their riding jerseys accepting their awards and prizes.  So now that 2016 is over, let’s talk about what is new for 2017:

  • Two New Tracks on board
    • ACE Motocross with events being held at THE WICK 338
    • ADK Motocross in Fort Ann, New York.
  • Three Great Tracks remain on board
    • Claverack Motocross operating over 40 years with a natural terrain layout.
    • Diamondback MX has the fastest layout with obstacles friendly for all skills.
    • Orange County MX has a new, improved layout with excellent visibility.
  • New Championship Points Structure
    • Points paid per moto all the way back to last place.  This is a true bonus points program.  You must compete to earn points.  3 Rider Minimum per class.
  • XtremeScore Transponder Scoring System at all tracks except Claverack
    • Points updates online in real time
    • Race Results Text messaged* web signup required
    • Laptimes/Results LIVE to the web
  • 19 Races in 2017 vs 26 in 2016
    • Frees up 7 weekends for other activities for our riders
  • Best Expert Purse per track in the Northeast!
    • Over $70,000 in Expert Purse Available for 2017 *
  • Great Manufacturer Contingency Programs **
    • Honda 7 Races – $35,525
    • Kawasaki 4 Races – $19,900
    • Suzuki 4 Races – $33,200
    • Yamaha 5 Races – $16,000

The 2017 rule book has been updates and available for download.

* Determined by all Motos and Combined payout for all possible classes back to 8th place.  Tracks determine payout schedule, not MSC.

** Contingency Programs offered by companies have specific rules and guidelines participating riders must abide by.  MSC does not determine or retain payout for contingency programs whatsoever.  Please refer to the manufacturer contingency website for info or contact info.



First there is Halloween, then Christmas, then New Years and finally there is the MSC MOTOCROSS BANQUET!!! MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR FEBRUARY 12th, 2017, starting at 12pm.  Did you forget to signup?  Please do so TODAY,


If you do not signup, we will not have your trophy there at the banquet, so please get your form in today.

We have a huge amount of prizes and how about two awesome MOTOCROSS BIKES!

Moroney’s Cycle presenting a 2017 Yamaha YZ125 two stroke and a 2017 Honda CRF450R from Troy City Garage.










SX Fantasy 2017… Signup for free and play for fun…

MSC members can signup as a USER on our website and then play our SX Fantasy 2017 game.  Pick your riders race by race. Earn points for guessing correctly on all top three positions and the winner of the pole (starting first).

This is really for fun as it stands now, but many we can get some prizes for the top three winners in this Fantasy Series.  We can post up prizes as we get them.


Step 2 – SX FANTASY 2017

See the race – SX LIVE

SX Fantasy 2017 Points

Anaheim 1 Predictions

[motorracingleague race=1 limit=n full=m]


Fly Racing has become the leader in apparel companies promoting their gear, especially in our series.  Our members have received over $30,000 in contingency since the inception of the program in 2011.  The program is pretty simply:  1. Purchase one set of participating Fly Racing Gear (see details in form) and the rider can register for one class.  2. Race wearing the Fly Racing apparel as the rep will be watching video and images to ensure their riders are using the gear as required.  3. Race the required amount of races and place in the require positions.  That is it!

Riders receive their awarded Fly Bucks at the Annual Awards Banquet in February 2018.

MSC would like to thank Fly Racing, Western Powersports, and our local representative and lifelong MSC Supporter Paul Schwab for continuing  this successful program year after year.



2016 MSC Knobby News is here!

This was one of those Knobby News issues we won’t forget.  Both James Slaughter and Leah Brew battled lingering medical issues and the main computer crashed half way through the build out!  But as Leah always reminds me, “We’re gonna do this!” and we did.  Looking through here at all the results it is clear to see MSC is as healthy as ever.  Our riders are so loyal to our series, their series, and we are proud.  You know 57 years ago, MSC was formed by a group of enthusiasts with the same passion for racing as you have, as we have.  We are only here for a part of time, but when we leave the MSC to the next generation of caring people who want to keep our sport alive and well, we hope its in the same shape, if not better then when we became in charge.

This year as the season closed, we were ready for a much needed change.  Some change in venues and some in how things are ran.  Understanding that the MSC is a grass roots amateur racing series, we cannot have what we see on TV.  The glitz and glam costs an incredible amount of capital to make happen.  We can, however, do our best to ensure we act professional and look as professional as possible….  in 2017 you will see a change in appearance.  We do this not because we are not proud of what we have, see we have done this program every year for say, the last 40+ years in motocross.  We do this because times are changing and we must embrace change, and where we can make it.  We will address everyone at the banquet as our changes are still being written.  We have one more meeting in January 2017 before the banquet to get everything set in the rule book.  But rest assured, the changes are good for all and for the MSC.

We want to thank our advertisers for the Knobby News, Moroney’s Cycle, DiMartino Paving, Real Estate Agent Pamela DiMartino, Performance Recreation, Vintage, and Valley Moto Shop.  Without your help, this issue would not have been possible.  Also we thank all our sponsors who were kind enough to donate all the prizes for the banquet, many donate each and every year.  We want to thank Amy Rutledge who is in charge of Rider Registration for the MSC and the Pointskeeping all season long.  She always does a great job, she is very organized, and she cares about ensuring everything aligns with the Rulebook for Fair and Consistent Record Keeping.  Last but certainly not least, we need to thank Leah Brew for working tirelessly in the background with our manufacturer contingency programs, our prizes, the Knobby News, being our treasurer and book keeper, and so much more.  She has managed this series for years and continues to do so much from behind the scenes.  Thank you all.

We hope you enjoy this issue of the Knobby News and congratulations to all our riders in the top 10 and especially our Champions.  Winning an award at our banquet is not easy, but winning a Championship is grueling and tough.  You all should be very proud of your accomplishments.  We thank you for being part of the  MSC Family of motocross racers. We hope to see you all at the banquet on February 12, 2017.  You will find a banquet registration form toward the back of the Knobby News along with a 2017 Member Signup form. They are on the same page to tear out so you can send them in at the same time.  We encourage you to sign up for the banquet as soon as possible.  WE ORDER THE BANQUET TROPHIES BASED ON WHO IS ATTENDING THE BANQUET.

Please have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


James Slaughter, Chairman


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