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Points from Claverack Mx 4/13/14

2014 Youth Points 2014 2StrokeSchoolboy Collegeboy Women 2014 GIRLS 50 VINTAGE 2014 Novice Points 2014 Amateur Points 2014 Expert Points Here are the Championship Points from Claverack 4/13/14.  We had an awesome turnout which made for a great day of racing! I will not be checking for background colors until the next Claverack race on

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Final Points for 2011 Season

  Everything has been gone over, and these are the final results for the season.  There were a few ties that could not be broken, so those people will each get a trophy at the banquet.  Please check the spelling of your name, these will be the names and points listed in the Knobby News. 

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Reminder about Background Colors

Just a reminder about riders using the correct background colors…….even though in the past we have gotten away from really enforcing the correct colors, it is not fair to those riders who do actually Read the Rulebook and put the proper color on their bikes.  This season, we will be enforcing the proper colors, and

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