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Final Points for 2011 Season

  Everything has been gone over, and these are the final results for the season.  There were a few ties that could not be broken, so those people will each get a trophy at the banquet.  Please check the spelling of your name, these will be the names and points listed in the Knobby News.  The Knobby News will go out after Christmas, so if anybody has a new address, please let us know so we can get it to you.

Renewals can be sent through the mail to the address listed on the application.  $25 please send a money order, no personal checks.  All numbers will be held for you until March 1st.  If you are moving up to a new class please make note of it on the application. 

2011 Youth Points

2011 2StrokeSchoolboy Collegeboy Women

2011 Vintage 35 50

2011 Novice Points

2011 Amateur Points

2011 Expert Points

Reminder about Background Colors

Just a reminder about riders using the correct background colors…….even though in the past we have gotten away from really enforcing the correct colors, it is not fair to those riders who do actually Read the Rulebook and put the proper color on their bikes.  This season, we will be enforcing the proper colors, and if riders do not comply, then championship points will NOT be given.

So we are clear:              Pee Wee 50’s are White background, Black numbers

                                              Youth 65cc & 85cc classes are Yellow background, Black numbers

                                               Novice is Black background, White numbers

                                               Amateur is Yellow background, Black numbers

                                              Expert is White background, Black numbers

                                               Women are RED background, White  numbers

There are quite a few riders going around with the wrong colors.  This is something you will want to fix.  We have been saying since last season that we will be doing something about the problem this season.  It is your own responsibility to read the rulebook and know what is expected of you. 

Also, please remember, riders must display their assigned MSC number on whatever bike you are riding in order to receive your championship points.  If you borrow a bike for the day, use a paper plate or whatever necessary to display the correct number.  Same as it was last year.

Announcing The Fly Racing Contingency Program

MSC Family Motocross Announces the Fly Racing Contingency Program.

In the never ending quest to bring MSC members additional value, a deal with Fly Racing has been negotiated. Earn “Fly Bucks” at MSC events to be used to purchase additional Fly Racing products.

Click the link below, fill out the application and mail it to the address listed.

2012 MSC Family Motocross/Fly Racing Contingency Program

Good Luck!


Hi Race fans,

Vintage 54 has posted our photos from the Awards Banquet.  What a great evening!

Go to Vintage and click on the MSC Awards icon on the front page.  You can view as a slide show or download them for free by clicking on the picture you want.  Then click again…it will bring up the full high res photo.  Now right click image and choose – save image as.  (Be sure to get the Large size of image if you want to print them).

We would like to thank you for supporting us by purchasing our photos.  The 2010 Race Photos will be on our web site until March, so don’t delay…..order today!

See you at the track….      Steve and Lesley

2009 Advancements List

Here is the list of all the riders that have earned enough points to advance this season, as well as those who have advanced themselves.  If your name should be on here and it is not, please contact me so I can fix it., (845)657-7259 Amy


2009 Year End Points

Here are the year end points. Please check them over and let me know if there are any questions.

There were quite a few ties.  In that case, we count the # of wins, # of 2nds, # of 3rds, etc until the tie is broken.  In the case of there still being a tie, we then look at the result of the 2nd moto of the last race each rider rode in.

Please make sure your name is spelled right.  These are the results that will be printed in the Knobby News – look now, because there is nothing to be done after it’s printed.

The Banquet is January 31st, 2010 at Anthony’s Pier 9.  Top Ten trophies will be awarded.

Please email me ( or call me (845)657-7259 if there is a problem.







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