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Championship Points for Claverack MX 4-19-15


2015 Expert Points

2015 Amateur Points

2015 Novice Points

2015 2StrokeSchoolboy Collegeboy Women


2015 Youth Points

Background color checks will begin on May 10th at Twister Valley. At that point if you do not have the proper color displayed – your points will not count. No exceptions.

Experts – Only WHITE plates will count

Amateurs – only YELLOW plates will count

Novice – Must have Black plates

Pee Wee must be WHITE

65/85cc Minis – only YELLOW plates will count

As I have told riders in the past – it is acceptable to put colored duck tape around the edges of the plates to make them look like the correct color and this will be accepted!

Also, riders who do not run their assigned MSC riding number will not receive their points towards the Championship

A message from Friends of Butch

Please help support our MSC Family member in time of need.


Butch Sivulich and his kids have been long time members of MSC. Butch has been dedicated to working at Diamondback for many years and his son Josh also works at Diamondback doing the checkered flag.

Recently Butch and his family found out terrible news that his wife Amy was diagnosed with brain cancer. As we all know, medical treatments are costly and we are looking to support and donate to Butch and family during this difficult time. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. If you wish to help please follow the “go fund me” link below.

Championship Points for Echo Valley MX 4-12-15

Just to let all riders know – I will begin checking your background colors on MAY 10TH at Twister Valley. From that point on if you do not have the correct colors displayed your points will not count.

Expert needs to have White backgrounds – black is not acceptable

Amateur needs to have Yellow backgrounds – white is not acceptable

Novice needs to have Black backgrounds – white is not acceptable

Youth 65cc and ALL Mini classes need to be Yellow – white is not acceptable

50cc Pee Wees need to be White

This is in the MSC rulebook.

Also, please consider how hard it is to score your bikes when the plates are covered in mud. It’s your responsibility to clean your plates in between moto’s.  And one last thing: Please have your number on all three plates!!  Think of how hard it is to score when there are no numbers….

2015 Youth Points

2015 2StrokeSchoolboy Collegeboy Women


2015 Novice Points

2015 Amateur Points

2015 Expert Points

CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS from Orange County MX 3-29-15

The Championship Points are finally up!   Sorry for the wait.  I was having card making troubles, so that had to get done first.

Please note that I am not checking colors until May 10th. Please have your background colors done by then, otherwise your points will no longer count.

2015 Youth Points

2015 2StrokeSchoolboy Collegeboy Women


2015 Novice Points

2015 Amateur Points

2015 Expert Points


Open practice has completed for today.  The track really came around by 4PM…  it dried up really good.  The grooming crew is out there now prepping the track and it looks really sweet.  Riders are signing up tonight and the turnout looks very promising for tomorrow’s race.

For live scoring at tomorrows event  CLICK HERE


Dion Coleman #555 Rest in peace

Dion Coleman, Expert rider #555 commonly raced Plus 50, passed away suddenly on Saturday, March 21, 2015.  Dion was an avid motocross enthusiast.  He also introduced and supported his daughter Lauren in motocross racing as well.  His happy, welcoming smile will certainly be missed.  Our sincere condolences go out to his family in these tough times.

Dion Coleman with Lauren


For info on his services, click here

Rest in Peace Dion #555


March 29th – Round 1 – OCFMX

Motocross commences on March 29th, 2015 as Round 1 of the MSC Championship Motocross Series gets underway at the Orange County Fair Motocross facility in Middletown, NY.  Speaking with track owner, Mike Gurda, he says most of the track work is complete and they will be ready for action come Sunday morning.  Some new additions to the track will develop early in the season and they are excited to get racing underway.

James Slaughter, Chairman of the MSC, says,”We are very glad winter is over, although we had some snow on Friday, the forecast going forward looks good and typical of spring in the northeast.  MSC is grateful that all of our sponsors and contingency programs remain intact for 2015.  Our 2015 membership is looking real good, we have to thank our dedicated riders who come back to MSC each and every year to participate in the historic series.”


OCFMX Track Website

MSC Motocross is one of the premiere motocross series in the northeast.  Starting in 1959, MSC was one of the nations first “motocross” race series and continues to provide very competitive racing from March to October each and every year.   Contingencies from motorcycle manufacturers Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha, from Clothing manufacturer Fly Racing, and aftermarket companies such as DP Brakes.  If you want to line up to do battle with some of the fastest amateur racers in the northeast, line up with MSC Motocross.




Fly Racing has once again partnered with the MSC in 2015 to offer their exclusive FLY CONTINGENCY RACE PROGRAM.  All you have to do is purchase a set of the latest FLY Racing Apparel, complete the form and send in the info as directed.  Then race for points and win big time from Fly.  The program description and rules are on the form.  Last season Fly Racing issued over $10,000 in Fly Bucks to participating MSC Riders!  Hurry up and get on board, you won’t want to miss this.

fly-racing-logo2 2(1)

Click the Logo Above for the 2015 Fly Form


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