We thank everyone who came out to support the sport at Ace Motocross past Sunday.   Rain did try to dampen our spirit, but racing continued.

Recent posts on a Message Board have compelled an answer……..We thank everyone for their concern and assistance as we work towards an answer to the crisis we face.  We all come together at our events and work for the continuation and enjoyment of our sport.  We  will proceed with our posted MSC SCHEDULE  from last Fall (Business as usual).  We have made alternate plans (Plan B) if the answers to our issues are not favorable. We bear no one any ill will, and we ask to be treated with respect and consideration.  “Where’s the problem?”  Suffice it to say…………..We (THE MSC) are working together, holding our own, and at 53 years of age have weathered many storms through the years.  We will pursue and survive this latest bump in the road.  We will post any news, and look forward to a resolution to our issues.  So, support your MSC TRACKS.  We offer to you a great racing program.  Ignore those discordant notes!                     MOTOCROSS A FAMILY SPORT!!!!!

Sincerely yours,