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Hello, Good to see everyone at Practice Wednesday and Sunday. Coming up for April……..Practice at Ace, Saturday April 11th, MSC Point Race at Claverack, April 19th(Kawasaki Contingency), MSC Point Race, Kalamuski Farm, April 26th. If you have not renewed your MSC MEMBERSHIP, now is the time to do it!  Hopefully, you have not lost your

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Hello to everyone.  So good to see you Awards Night. Congratulations.                                       Thank you to all our Sponsors and the volunteers who assist us and make the magic happen.       If you were unable to attend Awards Night, your awards & prizes are available at the Claverack Track during the racing season, and alternate arrangements can be made for

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To all M.S.C. Members, June 22nd will be the 1st race of the season for South Woods at their new track……. Contingencies from Kawasaki and Suzuki.  We’re looking forward to a new track and a great day of  racing.  See you there!                                                                                                                                                                      Don’t forget there is an M.S.C. Schedule change………………..August 3rd………………….South Woods. The M.S.C.  is celebrating their  anniversary of

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The cards have been sent to the printer and I am waiting for them to arrive so I can mail out. I have received some calls of people that say they will just wait until the first race. Please remember that it is $10 more at the track and the line is always long. Save

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Awards Dinner Information

The MSC Awards dinner will be held on Sunday January 27, 2008 at Anthony’s Pier 9. We have included a flyer and directions for the Banquet Dinner. Please make your reservations early. Thank You. 2008 Dinner Flyer Dinner Directions 2008 Dinner Form

MSC “Family Motocross”

October 22, 2007  Hello to Everyone. As our MSC RACE SERIES concludes, we look forward to our MSC AWARDS NIGHT, JANUARY 27, 2008.  Our new web site has been enhanced to meet the challenge of the future.  It includes: Home Page, Communications, Racing Schedule, Tracks, Faq, Rulebook, Applications, Contacts, Contingency, and MSC History……………..A big “Thank You” to John Nicholas

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Championship Points

Here are the points as they stand now. If you have questions please e-mail me and I will check it out. CHECK THE SPELLING OF YOUR NAME SO WHEN IT GOES TO PRINT IN A FEW WEEKS IT IS CORRECT. AM points are still being looked at and checked out. They will be posted by

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