Race Schedule

Date Track Contingency Points
Apr 3
Orange County Fair MX TBD
MSC Championship
Apr 10 Echo Valley MX kawasaki_logo MSC Championship
Apr 17 Claverack MX honda MSC Championship & Vintage
Apr 24
Orange County Fair MX suzuki-logo-5  MSC Championship
May 8 Twister Valley Sports Center kawasaki_logo  MSC Championship
May 15 Claverack MX Yamaha_logo12x6 DOUBLE POINTS & Vintage
May 22 Echo Valley MX honda MSC Championship
May 29
Twister Valley Sports Center TBD MSC Championship
June 5 Orange County Fair MX hondakawasaki_logo  MSC Championship
June 12 Echo Valley MX Yamaha_logo12x6 MSC Championship
June 19 Diamondback MX suzuki-logo-5 MSC Championship
June 26 Twister Valley Sports Center honda MSC Championship
July 3 Diamondback MX kawasaki_logo DOUBLE POINTS & Vintage
July 17 Twister Valley Sports Center MSC Championship
July 24 Echo Valley MX TBD MSC Championship
July 31 Diamondback MX honda MSC Championship
Aug 7 Claverack MX suzuki-logo-5 MSC Championship & Vintage
Aug 21 Orange County Fair MX Yamaha_logo12x6 DOUBLE POINTS & Vintage
Aug 28 Echo Valley MX honda MSC Championship
Sept 4 Diamondback MX Yamaha_logo12x6 MSC Championship
Sept 11 Claverack MX kawasaki_logo MSC Championship & Vintage
Sept 18 Echo Valley MX suzuki-logo-5 DOUBLE POINTS & Vintage
Sept 25 Orange County Fair MX honda MSC Championship
Oct 2 Twister Valley Sports Center suzuki-logo-5 DOUBLE POINTS & Vintage
Oct 9 Diamondback MX TBD MSC Championship
Oct 16
Orange County Fair MX TBD MSC Championship

Honda Contingency, *7 Races – $27, 775

*HONDA has divided their qualifying Classes Series Purse.

Kawasaki Contingency, 4 Races – $19, 900

Suzuki Contingency, 5 Races – $35, 375

Yamaha Contingency, 5 Races – $17, 500

Contingency Programs:  Offered to riders who race the MSC Motocross Series are eligible to receive contingency awards from the listed manufacturers as long as you meet their requirements.  Please click on the links to their websites and read all the information and directions.  The Dollar Amounts listed below are total possible purse for all their listed programs combined.  Make sure you read and understand the process from their websites.