Excitement Unleashed: 2024 MSC Championship Motocross Series Kicks Off – Secure Your Rider Membership Now!

Rev up your engines and get ready for the thrill of a lifetime as the 2024 MSC Championship Motocross Series is about to hit the tracks! With heart-pounding races, adrenaline-pumping jumps, and a community of motocross enthusiasts like no other, this season promises to be the most exciting one...

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Unveiling the Thrilling 2023 MSC AMA District 34 Knobby News

Rev up your engines and grab your helmets because the 2023 racing season has been nothing short of adrenaline-pumping excitement within the Metropolitan Sports Committee AMA District 34. The release of the much-anticipated Knobby News brings forth a chronicle of thrilling moments, nail-biting competitions, and the unwavering spirit of...

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🏁 Press Release: Kawasaki Contingency Confirmed for the 2024 Race Season! 🏁

We are thrilled to announce that the Metropolitan Sports Committee AMA District 34 is partnering with Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA for an incredible opportunity in the 2024 race season! Statement from James Slaughter, Chairman of MSC: “I am delighted to share the fantastic news that Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA...

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Wrapping Up the Thrills: AMA District 34 Motocross Season Concludes with Spectacular Finale

250 Expert Champion David Nitto Jr #291 Open Expert Champion Aaron Lampi #813 As the sun sets on another exhilarating season, the Metropolitan Sports Committee’s AMA District 34 Motocross bids farewell to a year filled with adrenaline-pumping action and unforgettable moments. From the inaugural race’s roar to the final...

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The MSC Championship MX Series is in a 100 Mile Radius East to West and a 75 Mile Radius North to South.

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