Month: February 2008

Announcement of MSC Classes for 2008-OUR 50TH YEAR !

After many hours and meetings of the MSC Committee–questions on the classes to run this season have resulted in the decision to keep the classes the same for 2008.  We looked at what the AMA was doing and checked many web sites to see what others were offering???????????????????

The AMA has made changes and those tracks that have AMA membership have to make the same changes. The MSC felt as a Committee— that it was in the best interest of the riders to keep everything the same as the past and revisit it all in the fall. By doing this, the riders that have already purchased bikes will know right where they belong when racing with the MSC.

There were small adjustments that were made for 2008. This year we will allow the 60cc bike to ride in the Junior Mini Class, 60cc-85cc 7-11 yrs.  The only other change is in the Women’s Class. It is no longer an open class. The Bike sizes for the Women’s Class will be 80cc to 250cc.  Also, tracks will charge a $10.00 day fee for non member riders.

Please remember to sign-up early so you will not lose your riding number.  March 1st is approaching.  Our  $25.00 membership is a bargain.                                                            

We are looking forward to seeing our Motocross Family at all the MSC EVENTS. 



2008 Final MSC Class Sheet Rulebook 

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