Month: February 2009


Hello to everyone.  So good to see you Awards Night. Congratulations.                                       Thank you to all our Sponsors and the volunteers who assist us and make the magic happen.      

If you were unable to attend Awards Night, your awards & prizes are available at the Claverack Track during the racing season, and alternate arrangements can be made for pick up.                  

As was announced on our Awards Night, January 25, 2009 –John Coen, Promoter of Diamondback, at the Kalamuski Farm, will not offer MSC Racing this year, instead  the land owner, Anthony Kalamuski and his family, will be the Promoter at the former Diamondback.  The MSC Schedule with an asterik informing everyone of this change is posted.  Track Information on this web site inform you of this change–with contact information.                                                

MSC Membership Cards will be mailed with your Schedule Cards, Classes, Medical, and Code of Ethics shortly.  March 1st is fast approaching……..You must renew your MSC Membership to reserve your riding number.  Our new Registrar/PointsKeeper, Amy Rutledge, (1-845-657-7259) will process your application as received.

ATV Classes will be offered at Ace, Kalamuski Farm,(formerly Diamondback), and South Woods.  MSC Classes and rider information is posted in your Rulebook on this web site.  Classes remain the same as 2008.  If you require official information (of any kind) call the phone numbers listed on your web site.  You will receive an answer, not speculation and rumor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our best to all our MSC MOTOCROSS FAMILY, where in the MSC (our 51st) year, Motocross is a Family Sport.



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