Month: June 2009


MSC RIDERS – If you have elected to move yourself up, you must notify the Registrar/PointsKeeper Amy Rutledge – 845-657-7259.

HONDA CONTINGENCY from the rain out race on June 21st has been rescheduled for July 26th at Ace.  Please spread the word to your friends.

South Woods Sportsmen – September 20th.  As previously mentioned, the printer left out the South Woods date of September 20th.  Later schedules that were mailed out included the South Woods date, but early schedules did not include the 20th for South Woods.  Our web schedule has always had the date listed.  So, please make this change if you have not done so……….

Directions–Directions–Please visit the MSC track web site for directions, location and GPS Coordinates.  The contact person listed on your Schedule Card and the MSC INFO on our web site does not live at the track.  The track location & directions are available at each track’s web site.  Thank You, Thank You.

OUR MSC GALA AWARDS NIGHT FOR 2009 WILL BE: SUNDAY, JANUARY 31, 2010 AT ANTHONY’S PIER 9, NEW WINDSOR, NEW YORK.  Make a note on your calendar.  Be there!!

Thank you to our new Registrar/PointsKeeper, Amy Rutledge, for all her understanding and patience,  We are most grateful to Amy.  She is doing a great job!  Say “thank you” to her Sunday.

See you at the races…………………

Yours truly,


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