Month: June 2015

Championship Points from Diamondback MX 5-31-15

2015 Expert Points

2015 Amateur Points

2015 Novice Points

2015 2StrokeSchoolboy Collegeboy Women


2015 Youth Points

Advancement Points:

Advancement Points 2015

Just a few reminders:

You must complete both motos in order to receive Championship Points.

You must always display your MSC Riding Number on the bike you are riding to receive points. If you borrow a bike for the day, Put Your MSC Number on it – or no points (in this case color will not matter for the day).

You need to have the correct MSC background colors on your bike in order to receive Championship points. Duck tape is accepted, but please use enough to actually make it look like you are trying 🙂

The 125 two stroke class is meant for actual 125cc bikes only. (not 144cc or 150cc)




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