Month: November 2016

2016 End of Season Championship Points – Revised

The Bonus Points were off for a few riders so any errors have been fixed. Please contact me if you find any more .

These are the final points . Bonus Points were calculated and added in – you can see them in the far right column. (we have added in DNF’s as place holders to count out who was signed up for that day and didn’t earn championship points)

Check the spelling of your names – this is the list that will be used for ordering trophies and the Knobby News etc.

Novice and Amateur riders that have advanced or will be advancing! Please do not order any new graphics until you check to see if your numbers are available in the next class!!

I have not had time to finish going over Novice advancements yet – I will contact you if the MSC determines you need to advance.














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