Month: December 2016

2016 MSC Knobby News is here!

This was one of those Knobby News issues we won’t forget.  Both James Slaughter and Leah Brew battled lingering medical issues and the main computer crashed half way through the build out!  But as Leah always reminds me, “We’re gonna do this!” and we did.  Looking through here at all the results it is clear to see MSC is as healthy as ever.  Our riders are so loyal to our series, their series, and we are proud.  You know 57 years ago, MSC was formed by a group of enthusiasts with the same passion for racing as you have, as we have.  We are only here for a part of time, but when we leave the MSC to the next generation of caring people who want to keep our sport alive and well, we hope its in the same shape, if not better then when we became in charge.

This year as the season closed, we were ready for a much needed change.  Some change in venues and some in how things are ran.  Understanding that the MSC is a grass roots amateur racing series, we cannot have what we see on TV.  The glitz and glam costs an incredible amount of capital to make happen.  We can, however, do our best to ensure we act professional and look as professional as possible….  in 2017 you will see a change in appearance.  We do this not because we are not proud of what we have, see we have done this program every year for say, the last 40+ years in motocross.  We do this because times are changing and we must embrace change, and where we can make it.  We will address everyone at the banquet as our changes are still being written.  We have one more meeting in January 2017 before the banquet to get everything set in the rule book.  But rest assured, the changes are good for all and for the MSC.

We want to thank our advertisers for the Knobby News, Moroney’s Cycle, DiMartino Paving, Real Estate Agent Pamela DiMartino, Performance Recreation, Vintage, and Valley Moto Shop.  Without your help, this issue would not have been possible.  Also we thank all our sponsors who were kind enough to donate all the prizes for the banquet, many donate each and every year.  We want to thank Amy Rutledge who is in charge of Rider Registration for the MSC and the Pointskeeping all season long.  She always does a great job, she is very organized, and she cares about ensuring everything aligns with the Rulebook for Fair and Consistent Record Keeping.  Last but certainly not least, we need to thank Leah Brew for working tirelessly in the background with our manufacturer contingency programs, our prizes, the Knobby News, being our treasurer and book keeper, and so much more.  She has managed this series for years and continues to do so much from behind the scenes.  Thank you all.

We hope you enjoy this issue of the Knobby News and congratulations to all our riders in the top 10 and especially our Champions.  Winning an award at our banquet is not easy, but winning a Championship is grueling and tough.  You all should be very proud of your accomplishments.  We thank you for being part of the  MSC Family of motocross racers. We hope to see you all at the banquet on February 12, 2017.  You will find a banquet registration form toward the back of the Knobby News along with a 2017 Member Signup form. They are on the same page to tear out so you can send them in at the same time.  We encourage you to sign up for the banquet as soon as possible.  WE ORDER THE BANQUET TROPHIES BASED ON WHO IS ATTENDING THE BANQUET.

Please have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


James Slaughter, Chairman



MSC would like to welcome Adirondack Motocross  to our series for 2017.  This is a new facility north of Albany, NY built on a golf course.  The soil is beautiful, with no rocks, and the track was professionally built, with a restaurant on site, lots of parking on flat ground.  Speaking with the owner Jeremy, he is new to our sport, but extremely experienced as a former professional race car driver.  Sound testing will be a requirement at this location so please be sure maintain the packing in your silencer prior to attending an event.  If you do have an issue at the track, Performance Recreation and Valley Moto Shop will be on hand to help fix your issue or simply sell packing and rivets.  James Slaughter, Chairman of the MSC, said, “We looked very closely at this facility and feel the quality of the track and offerings to our riders make it worth the trip to Fort Ann, NY.  We will be going twice in 2017. We will be looking for feedback from our members about this facility once we get racing underway.  Owner Jeremy Treadway seems very excited to partner with the MSC for these two races.  This is going to be a great addition to MSC and I am excited.”

ADK Website

Welcome Back Ace Motocross

Ace Motocross Club has been promoting races for a long, long time.  Starting in the 1960’s in Modena, NY, on the oiled flat track where the original Diamondback MX was, then moved back further to the Motocross track famed by the large steel announcer tower and the”Tunnel” finish line jump.  All those years, Ace MX Club remained a loyal member of the Metropolitan Sports Committee.  In recent times, Ace MX Club join another race series for about 5 years.  In 2017 Ace MX Club will be coming back home, rejoining with the Metropolitan Sports Committee once again.  They will be hosting two events at the famed national track, The Wick 338 in Southwick, MA.  James Slaughter, Chairman of the MSC said, “This is such a great thing for our riders and our sports committee.  It has been a goal of mine to get the original member tracks back where they belong at the MSC.  Ace has always been a staple club and we hope they remain on with us for years to come.  We support their effort to keep the club alive and also support their effort to eventually find some property of their own to operate a motocross race facility for their members and ours. Welcome back friends.”

Ace Club Website

The Wick 338 Website


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