Month: February 2017


The banquet marks the end of the prior years race activities and the start of the new season is fast approaching.  Our banquet was full of smiling faces and riders excited that the winter is half over.   It is always nice to see our riders, dressed sharp or even in their riding jerseys accepting their awards and prizes.  So now that 2016 is over, let’s talk about what is new for 2017:

  • Two New Tracks on board
    • ACE Motocross with events being held at THE WICK 338
    • ADK Motocross in Fort Ann, New York.
  • Three Great Tracks remain on board
    • Claverack Motocross operating over 40 years with a natural terrain layout.
    • Diamondback MX has the fastest layout with obstacles friendly for all skills.
    • Orange County MX has a new, improved layout with excellent visibility.
  • New Championship Points Structure
    • Points paid per moto all the way back to last place.  This is a true bonus points program.  You must compete to earn points.  3 Rider Minimum per class.
  • XtremeScore Transponder Scoring System at all tracks except Claverack
    • Points updates online in real time
    • Race Results Text messaged* web signup required
    • Laptimes/Results LIVE to the web
  • 19 Races in 2017 vs 26 in 2016
    • Frees up 7 weekends for other activities for our riders
  • Best Expert Purse per track in the Northeast!
    • Over $70,000 in Expert Purse Available for 2017 *
  • Great Manufacturer Contingency Programs **
    • Honda 7 Races – $35,525
    • Kawasaki 4 Races – $19,900
    • Suzuki 4 Races – $33,200
    • Yamaha 5 Races – $16,000

The 2017 rule book has been updates and available for download.

* Determined by all Motos and Combined payout for all possible classes back to 8th place.  Tracks determine payout schedule, not MSC.

** Contingency Programs offered by companies have specific rules and guidelines participating riders must abide by.  MSC does not determine or retain payout for contingency programs whatsoever.  Please refer to the manufacturer contingency website for info or contact info.


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