Month: March 2018

2018 New Race Classes

This season, we have added two new race classes to our Championship Series.  

  1. 250 Two Stroke Only – All Races
  2. Y2K – Year 2000 Class – All Claverack, All Ace/TheWick338, Double Points/Three Moto Format DBMX/OCFMX

Given the popularity and the lower cost of purchasing and maintaining the 250 Two Strokes, we added a 250 Two Stroke Only Class.  When signing up, please remember to write, “250 Two Stroke Only” in the class slot.  If you write “250”, you could be entered into the wrong class.  Please remember this on race day at signup.  Of course we will have a sign there and the announcer talking about this, but this message will serve as a notice.

To go along with cost effective racing, the Y2K (Year 2000 Class) be one of the least expensive classes a rider can run and be competitive.  You can use any bike from 125cc two stroke/250cc four stroke and larger and must be at least 12 years old or older. 

We at MSC realize the cost of racing continues to rise with no end in sight and we felt these classes offer anyone a great opportunity to pick up a used bike at a substantial discount compared to buying new and have fun racing competitively. 

For the 2018 Class List CLICK HERE


2018 Racing Season Starts April 15th

Hello Everyone,

With this weather cooperating so well lately, I am sure many of you have the bug to ride.   Hopefully the weather continues to remain decent enough to start venturing outdoors close to home with your dirt scooters.

For those riders who have signed up with MSC pre season, thank you.  Your number is secure.

I wanted to remind all riders that the pre season membership has ended which means your riding numbers that have not been secured are up for grabs.  Don’t lose your riding number, simply sign up either by mail or online.  Make sure you put in an alternate number and if you are signing up riders but signing in with your name, make sure their name is entered into the appropriate text boxes in the online or mail in form.   The membership cost is now $35 by mail or $37 online.

If you have any questions about riding numbers or membership in general, please contact or call Denise at (203) 305-0507.

Thank you,

James Slaughter
Chairman, Metropolitan Sports Committee


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