Month: March 2023

ROUND 1 – WALDEN MX – AMA PRO-AM – SUNDAY, APRIL 2ND, 2023 – GasGas, Honda, Husky, KTM, Yamaha, Rocky Mountain Race Gas Contingency

The MSC Championship Motocross Series kicks off the 2023 race season in Wallkill, NY at the Walden Playboys MC for the AMA Pro-Am!

Contingency this season is the largest in the history of the MSC Championship MX Series.  With over $900,000 up for grabs from the manufacturers, now is the time and MSC is the place.

Winter is officially over so if you haven’t dusted off your bike, do so now!  Its time to ride.


Weekend Entry – $20

Open Practice – $40/Rider

Race Class – $40 Each


Gates Open 5PM to 11PM


Gates Open 7AM to 11PM

Practice starts at 9AM

Race Signup – 1-4PM


Gates Open 7AM

Race Signup – 7-9AM

Race Practice – 9AM



Please make sure you give rider registration the email you use for contingency registration.

2023 Race Season is upon us!

The MSC Banquet was just 1 short month ago, and here we are getting close to the season opener on April 2nd, 2023.

If you were an MSC Member in 2022 and have not signed up yet, you should get this done as soon as you can. All those who have signed up for the 2023 race season, your member cards have been mailed out.  Once you sign up, your information is in our member database and you can go race.  If your card hasn’t arrived, please message us and let us know.

Our first event is on April 2nd, 2023 at Walden Motocross, in Wallkill, NY.  You can get information regarding Walden at their website.

New Rule for Youth Racers: “It is highly recommended that chest and back protection be worn by all competitors. It is required for all competitors in Youth Classes to wear chest and back protection. The protector may be worn under or over the jersey, and it should cover the sternum anterior ribs, posterior ribs, and spine from T1 to T 12.”

See Performance Rec or Valley Moto for a new chest protector.

Round 1 - April 2nd

Round 2 - April 16th

Round 3 - April 23rd

Round 4 - April 30th

New Race Classes:

We have added the Plus 60 and Y2K Vintage Classes to every scheduled race this season.  We brought back Vintage 70’s, 80’s, & 90’s to every Diamondback MX race and all Double Points events at Echo, Orange, Southwick and Walden.

All other Race Classes will remain the same as last season.

Where Can I Practice?

Every Wednesday, Orange County Fair Motocross holds a practice, weather dependent.  It is $40 for practice and $5 to get in.

You can join private motocross clubs such as Diamondback Private MotoClub and Walden Playboys MC.

Every track hosts a practice on Saturday of the race weekend at their respective track.

If you have any questions, you can go to our Tracks Page or our MSC Contacts Page for more info.

2023 starts our 64th year as New York’s Metropolitan Sports Committee. We are committed to hosting family friendly racing events and keeping our sport of motocross alive for another 64 years. 

We hope to see you at the MSC races in 2023.

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