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Gear up for an adrenaline-fueled weekend at Echo Valley Farms MX as Round 3 of the MSC Championship Series takes over the track on Saturday, April 27th, and Sunday, April 28th. This action-packed event features open practice on Saturday and championship racing on Sunday, along with exciting contingency opportunities from top motocross brands like GasGas, Husqvarna (Husky), Kawasaki, KTM, Rocky Mountain, and Suzuki. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of this thrilling weekend.

The Venue: Echo Valley Farms MX

Located amidst the scenic beauty of Echo Valley Farms, this premier motocross facility offers challenging tracks and a family-friendly atmosphere, making it the perfect destination for riders and spectators alike.

Round 3 Details

  • Date: Saturday, April 27th – Sunday, April 28th
  • Location: Echo Valley Farms MX

Saturday Open Practice

Kick off the weekend with open practice on Saturday. For just $40 per rider, participants can hone their skills and familiarize themselves with the track. It’s a great opportunity to warm up and get ready for the main event.

Sunday MSC Championship Series Racing

Sunday is all about high-stakes racing in the MSC Championship Series. Join the excitement for $40 per class and compete against top riders in your category. The racing action promises intense battles and thrilling moments.

Admission and Entry Fees

  • Gate Entry: $20 for all racers and spectators aged 6 years and older (non-racers).
  • Practice Fee: $40 per rider for Saturday’s open practice.
  • Racing Fee: $40 per class for Sunday’s MSC Championship Series racing.

Special Contingency Opportunities

Take advantage of contingency programs offered by GasGas, Husqvarna (Husky), Kawasaki, KTM, Rocky Mountain, and Suzuki. Eligible riders have the chance to earn rewards based on their performance and finishing positions.

What to Expect

  • Exciting Races: Watch skilled riders battle it out on challenging tracks.
  • Vendor Row: Explore a variety of motocross vendors offering gear and accessories.
  • Food and Refreshments: Stay fueled with delicious food and beverages available onsite.

How to Participate

  • Riders: Register online or onsite for open practice and MSC Championship Series racing.
  • Spectators: Purchase your gate entry ticket at the venue and enjoy a thrilling day of motocross action.


Don’t miss out on the thrill and excitement of Round 3 at Echo Valley Farms MX. Whether you’re a rider gearing up to compete or a motocross enthusiast looking for an action-packed weekend, this event promises to deliver. Mark your calendars, gather your friends and family, and get ready for an unforgettable motocross experience!

For more details and registration information, visit the official Echo Valley Farms MX website and follow them on social media for updates. Get ready to rev your engines and make memories at Echo Valley Farms this weekend!

ROUND 2 – ORANGE COUNTY FAIR MX – SATURDAY, APRIL 20TH-21ST, 2024 – GasGas, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, Rocky Mountain MC, Suzuki

Date: April 15, 2024
Location: Orange County Fair Motocross, 239 Wisner Ave, Middletown, NY 10940

[Event Overview]

Prepare for an action-packed weekend as Round 2 of the MSC Championship Series throttles into gear at Orange County Fair Motocross! With a full day of open practice on Saturday, April 20th, followed by race day on Sunday, April 21st, competitors and fans alike can look forward to an intense showcase of motocross prowess.

[Event Highlights]

  • Top Brand Contingency Programs: Proudly supported by GasGas, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, and Suzuki, offering excellent incentives for top performers.
  • Rocky Mountain MC Gift Cards: All registered riders will receive a $10 gift card. Be sure to provide your email at registration to claim your reward.
  • Xtreme Score Transponders: Essential for all participants to ensure accurate race timing, available for $10 per bike.

[Schedule and Fees]

  • Gate Fees:

    • Open Practice (Saturday): $40 per rider
    • Race Day (Sunday): $40 per class
  • General Entry:

    • Racers and Spectators (ages 6 and older): $20 per person

[Rider Information]

  • Classes and Contingency Rewards: Multiple classes cater to various skill levels, from novices to seasoned pros, with contingencies enhancing the competitive edge.
  • Practice and Race Preparation: Saturday’s practice day is crucial for mastering the track and gearing up for Sunday’s challenges.

[Membership and Registration]

  • Required Memberships: All riders must hold a valid AMA membership and an MSC membership to ensure compliance with safety and insurance standards:

    • AMA Membership: $49 (Annual) / $20 (Day Pass)
    • MSC Membership: $50 (Annual) / $20 (Day Pass)
  • Pre-Registration and Memberships:

    • Avoid the lines: Pre-register for the event and secure your memberships online to streamline your experience and focus on the race.

[Special Notes]

  • Safety Equipment: Full racing gear required, including helmets, boots, and appropriate attire.
  • Facilities for Families and Spectators: Enjoy a family-friendly environment with full access to food vendors, merchandise, and exciting racing action.

Join us for Round 2 of the MSC Championship Series at Orange County Fair Motocross! Whether you are behind the handlebars or cheering on your favorite riders, this event promises non-stop excitement and competition at its best.

For more information, to register for the race, and to sign up for memberships, visit .

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