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All MSC TRACKS have agreed that the 125cc 2 stroke Class will be strictly for the 125cc 2 stroke bikes.  No other bikes allowed in the class, (such as 100cc).  Sorry for any inconvenience.  This class was offered for the 125cc 2 stroke bikes.  It is a trophy class, and is not an MSC Point Class.




MSC RIDERS – If you have elected to move yourself up, you must notify the Registrar/PointsKeeper Amy Rutledge – 845-657-7259.

HONDA CONTINGENCY from the rain out race on June 21st has been rescheduled for July 26th at Ace.  Please spread the word to your friends.

South Woods Sportsmen – September 20th.  As previously mentioned, the printer left out the South Woods date of September 20th.  Later schedules that were mailed out included the South Woods date, but early schedules did not include the 20th for South Woods.  Our web schedule has always had the date listed.  So, please make this change if you have not done so……….

Directions–Directions–Please visit the MSC track web site for directions, location and GPS Coordinates.  The contact person listed on your Schedule Card and the MSC INFO on our web site does not live at the track.  The track location & directions are available at each track’s web site.  Thank You, Thank You.

OUR MSC GALA AWARDS NIGHT FOR 2009 WILL BE: SUNDAY, JANUARY 31, 2010 AT ANTHONY’S PIER 9, NEW WINDSOR, NEW YORK.  Make a note on your calendar.  Be there!!

Thank you to our new Registrar/PointsKeeper, Amy Rutledge, for all her understanding and patience,  We are most grateful to Amy.  She is doing a great job!  Say “thank you” to her Sunday.

See you at the races…………………

Yours truly,




Good to see everyone at Practice Wednesday and Sunday.

Coming up for April……..Practice at Ace, Saturday April 11th, MSC Point Race at Claverack, April 19th(Kawasaki Contingency), MSC Point Race, Kalamuski Farm, April 26th.

If you have not renewed your MSC MEMBERSHIP, now is the time to do it!  Hopefully, you have not lost your riding number.  Don’t wait until the first MSC Race.  The cost will be an extra $10.00 to sign up at the Track.  Down load the application from the web site.  Use the application insert from the “Knobby News”.  Call the Registrar/PointsKeeper, Amy, or Leah for an application.  Whatever works for you.  Take care of this important matter as soon as possible.

We look forward to a great Racing Season.  We welcome Anthony Kalamuski & Family at their revitalized Track(formerly Diamondback).

If you were unable to attend Awards Night, your Trophies and Awards can be picked up at Claverack during the Race Season, or make other arrangements with Leah.

Congratulations  to John Buback, YZ 250 F bike winner (purchased from Hunter Motorcycle), Scott Winters, RM 250 F bike winner (purchased from Dutchess Rec.).  

The MSC is the Power House of the Hudson Valley due to the efforts of your Sports Committee Volunteers.  We look forward to our 51st year of MSC FAMILY MOTOCROSS.  Enjoy our fabulous racing program with Contingencies from Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda.

Let’s go racing…………………………




Hello to everyone.  So good to see you Awards Night. Congratulations.                                       Thank you to all our Sponsors and the volunteers who assist us and make the magic happen.      

If you were unable to attend Awards Night, your awards & prizes are available at the Claverack Track during the racing season, and alternate arrangements can be made for pick up.                  

As was announced on our Awards Night, January 25, 2009 –John Coen, Promoter of Diamondback, at the Kalamuski Farm, will not offer MSC Racing this year, instead  the land owner, Anthony Kalamuski and his family, will be the Promoter at the former Diamondback.  The MSC Schedule with an asterik informing everyone of this change is posted.  Track Information on this web site inform you of this change–with contact information.                                                

MSC Membership Cards will be mailed with your Schedule Cards, Classes, Medical, and Code of Ethics shortly.  March 1st is fast approaching……..You must renew your MSC Membership to reserve your riding number.  Our new Registrar/PointsKeeper, Amy Rutledge, (1-845-657-7259) will process your application as received.

ATV Classes will be offered at Ace, Kalamuski Farm,(formerly Diamondback), and South Woods.  MSC Classes and rider information is posted in your Rulebook on this web site.  Classes remain the same as 2008.  If you require official information (of any kind) call the phone numbers listed on your web site.  You will receive an answer, not speculation and rumor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our best to all our MSC MOTOCROSS FAMILY, where in the MSC (our 51st) year, Motocross is a Family Sport.




To all M.S.C. Members,

June 22nd will be the 1st race of the season for South Woods at their new track……. Contingencies from Kawasaki and Suzuki.  We’re looking forward to a new track and a great day of  racing.  See you there!                                                                                                                                                                     

Don’t forget there is an M.S.C. Schedule change………………..August 3rd………………….South Woods.

The M.S.C.  is celebrating their  anniversary of 50 continuous years of Family Motocross by offering you, our members, over $650,ooo in Contingencies, Rider Payout, Trophies,  and our fabulous Awards Night Banquet—(Huge Trophies, Jackets, M.S.C. Sweats, Bike Raffle, and hundreds of prizes.) 

Save your gas money and race the M.S.C. Super Series, where you are our Motocross Family.

Sincerely yours,

The Metropolitan Sports Committee Family Motocross   

Announcement of MSC Classes for 2008-OUR 50TH YEAR !

After many hours and meetings of the MSC Committee–questions on the classes to run this season have resulted in the decision to keep the classes the same for 2008.  We looked at what the AMA was doing and checked many web sites to see what others were offering???????????????????

The AMA has made changes and those tracks that have AMA membership have to make the same changes. The MSC felt as a Committee— that it was in the best interest of the riders to keep everything the same as the past and revisit it all in the fall. By doing this, the riders that have already purchased bikes will know right where they belong when racing with the MSC.

There were small adjustments that were made for 2008. This year we will allow the 60cc bike to ride in the Junior Mini Class, 60cc-85cc 7-11 yrs.  The only other change is in the Women’s Class. It is no longer an open class. The Bike sizes for the Women’s Class will be 80cc to 250cc.  Also, tracks will charge a $10.00 day fee for non member riders.

Please remember to sign-up early so you will not lose your riding number.  March 1st is approaching.  Our  $25.00 membership is a bargain.                                                            

We are looking forward to seeing our Motocross Family at all the MSC EVENTS. 



2008 Final MSC Class Sheet Rulebook 

MSC “Family Motocross”

October 22, 2007 

Hello to Everyone.

As our MSC RACE SERIES concludes, we look forward to our MSC AWARDS NIGHT, JANUARY 27, 2008. 

Our new web site has been enhanced to meet the challenge of the future.  It includes: Home Page, Communications, Racing Schedule, Tracks, Faq, Rulebook, Applications, Contacts, Contingency, and MSC History……………..A big “Thank You” to John Nicholas for his dedication to our sport, and the gift of his talent to the MSC.

Make plans for our gala evening………..January 27, 2008 – Awards Night.  We have purchased for the Bike Raffle for 1st Prize a CRF HONDA from Jim Moroney’s Inc.  For the 2nd Prize, a YZF 250 YAMAHA from Hunter Motorcycle Corp.  There will be hundreds of Raffle and Door Prizes. Each MSC MEMBER receives a free ticket for the raffle prizes.  (You must be present to win the bikes.)  Class Winners receive 1-10th Place Trophies, (impressive).  1st Place Winners receive Jackets and a complimentary dinner in addition to their  trophy.  2nd – 10th Place Winners receive sweat shirts in addition to their trophy.  There is also Championship Awards from D P Brakes, Pirelli Tire, and Tucker/Rocky. 

Coming soon…..our new Race Series and Conntingency Schedule.  Remember to renew your MSC  Membership early so that you can hold your current number.  You can download the form from our web site.  The “Knobby News” will be mailed to you after Christmas.  It will include an MSC Membership Application, and the Awards Night Dinner Reservation.

Despite a year of misleading and deceptive schemes by others, our MSC FAMILY has remained strong.  We say “thank you” to our riders and their families, and friends for their support.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are now forced to copyright our work product.

The MSC has always given back to you our riders.  We look forward to 2008.  If you have any questions about anything that has appeared on other message boards,  please feel free to call or e-mail your MSC Officers and Committee Members for the correct information.

When you become a member of the MSC FAMILY MOTOCROSS Organization, you know we are here for you and the future of our Sport.  Don’t be mislead by invented half-baked rhetoric and flash.  Our forty- nine years, (soon to be 50 years), of continual dedication to you, the rider, speaks for itself.  We stand on our record!


2007 Metropolitan Sports Committee Guide Book and Champions

Posted is the 2007 Metropolitan Sports Committee Guide Book and MSC Champions from 1976 to present.

2007 MSC Guide Book

Expert Champions

Amateur Champions

Novice and Youth Champions

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