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Attention Peewee Parents/Riders – Rulebook Modification

During the race at Round 2, April 13th, 2014 Claverack MX, there was missing components in a rule for the following classes:

  • Peewee 4-6
  • Peewee 7-8
  • Peewee Oil Inj

Missing was Stock Only, No Mods.  Round 1 and 2 results will stand as posted, but racing after April 13th, 2014, all bikes running in those classes must be run in stock form, minus handlebars, grips, tires, chains and sprockets. You can revalve/respring suspension BUT must use suspension components that came with the motorcycle stock from the manufacturer.  Engine CC’s shall remain the same as factory.  PeeWee 4-6 can only have a 14mm round opening carburetor, 3’0″ wheelbase and a 2’0″ seat height.  Any protests at the track shall follow protest rules in the MSC Guide Book.

Any questions, feel free to contact

Thank you,

James Slaughter

2013 MSC Banquet Highlights – OVER $25,000 in prizes

Award Banquet 2013

February 16th, 2014 will go down as one great ceremony the MSC hosted in celebration of our riders accomplishments in 2013.  An over flowing stage full of trophies, some many feet higher than the rider receiving it, a room of over 450 attendees, and $25,000+ in prizes, this party was a sight to see.

Our friends from Big Boyz Toys, Dutchess Recreational Vehicles, and Jim Moroney’s Cycle were on hand with 2014 Motocross bikes on display and to show support of their fellow enthusiasts and sponsored riders.  Moroney’s Cycle raffled off a GoPro Hero3 helmet cam and donated the proceeds to the MSC.

MSC takes all proceeds from the banquet and our series membership and gives all back to the riders.  Looking around the room that night it was easy to see the excitement on the faces of the riders as they retrieved their earned awards or prizes.  The banquet seems to also be the beginning of the new season, where the riders get the share the stories of yesterday and their plans for the new year.  Some walked away from the banquet with a new bike to ride in 2014.

Early on in the banquet, attendees were treated to a video made for the beginning of the banquet.  Riders Peter Floor #95, Butch Racenet #96, and Scott Sheak #4 were all class winners and featured in the video.  In 2014, we will do many more featured rider profiles but this was the start of it all.

Leah Brew was honored for her many years of dedication as the Chairwomen of the MSC.  Through thick and thin, she has always been there to keep the sports committee going in the right direction.  We thank her for all her service and continued support of many years of MSC motocross history.

Jake Church

Jake Church #521 – 125 Two Stroke Only Champion in fitting fashion became the winner of the 2014 Yamaha YZ125 purchased from Phibbs Motorsports.

Jake hails from Greenville, NY and rode the Schoolboy class as well as the 125 Two Stroke Only class in 2013.  He was genuinely surprised and really pumped to win his new bike for 2014.

Not only did he win a bike, but he also won a new Fox Podium Shock from Fox Racing worth $1000.00!  And he won some free practice passes to a few of the MSC tracks.

Not many race series can boast these types of awards.  MSC feels our riders are the lifeblood of the series and we work very hard year in and year out to make it possible for the bikes to be part of the banquet.


Another treat on awards night was our wonderful M/C Randy Simpson and his girlfriend Maureen won our Grand Prize 2014 Kawasaki KX250F purchased from Phibbs Motorsports.

Both were extremely excited and surprised, and really, really happy.  I had the honor of winning a bike back in 2006 and Randy made very special comments that night.  I was able to return the favor to Randy and Maureen as I asked Randy, “How long have you attended our banquet?  Winning a bike is so awesome and I remember when you announced that I was the winner and the nice comments you made.  That was one of the most special nights of my life.”  Randy went along with not knowing they were winning the KX250F.  I read all the numbers but one and placed the raffle ticket in front of Randy’s face to read the last digit and see who actually was on the ticket.  Boy he was surprised!!!

It is moments like that, that really make what we do special.  Randy has dedicated himself to our sport and I cannot think of a better person to win the bike that night.

250 Expert Champion for 2014 is Davi Sterritt  ( Award received by his father Mark Sterritt)

Scott Sheak became the 2013 Open Expert, +25 Expert, & +30 Expert Champion

The MSC 250 and Open Expert Plates were once again donated by Hunter Motorcycle.

Congratulations to all the awarded riders and the many raffle prize winners.  It was certainly a night to remember.  Now its time to get ready to go racing.

James Slaughter #69 B Class

Chairman, Metropolitan Sport Committee


2014 Race Schedule is posted

The 2014 MSC Race Schedule has been posted up on the website.  Please see the clickable track links that will take you to the tracks website. You can also click on the manufacturer logo if it is a contingency event, which will take you to the manufacturers contingency page.  We are waiting on Kawasaki’s dates for 2014 and we will add their logo to the appropriate locations.   This season, Honda stepped up their contribution for MSC contingency and we welcomed Suzuki’s contingency partnership back to MSC.  MSC continues to have contingency support from Kawasaki and Yamaha as well for 2014.

Aftermarket contingency support from DP Brakes continues for 2014 and Fly Racing and their clothing contingency will continue again for 2014.


Please participate in any of these programs if you are eligible.  Not only does it put money in your pocket, but it shows the support of those who support our sport.

8 $31,600
4 $18,600
6 $49,800
5 $16,000
ALL Varies
ALL Varies

2013 Knobby News – PDF Version


2013 KNOBBY NEWS Cover Page

2013 KNOBBY NEWS Cover Page

Click the above link to download and review the 2013 MSC Knobby News Magazine.  If you are a member of MSC, you will be receiving your own copy via Mail the first week of January.  You can see the 2014 MSC race schedule, the rider points, riders who moved up to a new class, winners of contingency programs, rider profiles, and more.

MSC thanks all our participants from 2013 for making it another successful year.  2014 will be our 55th year of sanctioning motocross races!  We invite you to renew your membership or if you are not a member,  join our series and become part of the legacy of motocross in the lower NY region.  MSC has more contingency, more payout, awesome tracks, and the most competition lining up on a gate anywhere in our region.

End of Year Championship Points

2013 Youth Points

2013 2StrokeSchoolboy Collegeboy Women

2013 Vintage 35 50

2013 Novice Points

2013 Amateur Points

2013 Expert Points

Advancement Points 2013

Here are the final points for the year. The top ten riders will receive trophies at the banquet which is being held on Feb. 9th 2014.  Top ten riders are highlighted. When there is a tie for points, I go back and check to see how many wins each rider had, then how many 2nds, how many 3rds and so on. That is how it is broken. I have also posted the Advancement points chart, so you can see how many points you have. We did not have anyone  advance by points this year. Anyone who moved up this year, did so on their own.

Membership renewals can be sent in any time. Please print out the application online and send it to me. Your numbers will only be held until March 1st, 2014.

Double check the spellings of your names. Let me know of any corrections early. The names will go from here into the Knobby News.



“Fly Bucks” will be awarded at the M.S.C. AWARDS NIGHT, FEBRUARY 10, 2013.

Please make your reservations now. You must make a reservation for dinner.

The “Knobby News” has been mailed to each rider with two inserts: M.S.C. Membership Application, Dinner information flyer.  As a rider you have until March 1st to renew your riding number or your number can be given to another rider.  M.S.C. Membership is still $25.00….that’s a bargain.

2012 MSC SERIES FLY BUCKS                                                                                                TOTALS

JAMES COEN                 $28.00                                                                                                         $28.00

JERRY DeFELICIS        $78.00             $257.00                                                                            $335.00

JUSTIN DiVITTO           $15.00                                                                                                           $15.00

MICHAEL DeVITTO     $165.00                                                                                                       $165.00

TOMMY FALDUTO          $127.00                                                                                                    $127.00

CHAD FORSTELL            $151.00                 $224.00                                                                    $375.00

KENNETH JOYCE        $68.00                                                                                                           $68.00

JAMES McGOUGH        $60.00                                                                                                          $60.00

MARK MOLESKY        $114.00          $365.00                                                                                 $479.00

DANIEL PILATICH        $340.00     $274.00                                                                                  $614.00

RON ROTHKRANZ        $284.00     $303.00         $299.00                                                        $886.00

MARK SCHROEDER           $92.00             $79.00                                                                         $171.00

BRITTANY SCHURKO        $89.00                                                                                                    $89.00

KANE SPEAR                           $5.00             $78.00                                                                          $83.00

MIKE SPEAR                       $187.00             $181.00                     $110.00                                   $478.00

SCOTT SWATLING        $117.00                                                                                                         $117.00

LOGAN TRISTANY        $277.00            $266.00                                                                           $543.00

AARON WOLEN              $58.00                                                                                                          $58.00
                                                                                                                                     $4,691.00     FLY BUCKS TOTAL

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