Procedure for Renewal or New Membership to the Metropolitan Sports Committee.

Review the MSC Members Database for available Rider #

Step #1 Sign up for MSC Membership

  1. Fill out our official form. Be sure to include your proper mailing address (include P.O. Box if you have one!) Print it out and sign it.
  2. Enclose the appropriate fee. Membership Fee is $40 before February 1st. On or after February 1st, the Membership Fee is $50 The fee must be sent in the form of a money order or certified check. Please no personal checks or cash.

    $40.00 ($42.00 online) for a regular seasonal membership postmarked before February 1st

    $50.00 ($52.00 online) for regular membership postmarked on or after February 1st

  3. You must provide proof of age by sending a copy of your driver’s license or birth certificate. All members under 18 years of age must have their application notarized. Please send one even if you have previously done so in the past! We are trying to keep the records up to date.
  4. Mail the signed form, proof of age and your  check or money order to:

    Metropolitan Sports Committee

    c/o James Slaughter
    21 DiMartino Court
    Walden, NY 12586
  5. Further questions? Contact James Slaughter at (845) 554-8717

    Final Note: If you have filled out everything correctly expect to receive your MSC Membership Card in the mail.  Cards are usually sent out in the Spring before the season starts.  If joining during the season, card goes out within one week.  Enclosed will be our schedule, list of classes and appropriate bike sizes & your racing card (that must be presented at our participating tracks on race day) with the riding number that we have assigned for you and your bike.

Step #2 Join the AMA

By clicking Join AMA right here on the MSC Website, you will be telling AMA that you are joining because you are part of the Metropolitan Sports Committee family of motocross racers.  This will then alert the AMA to assign a portion of the $49 Membership fee to the MSC.  Why is this important?  MSC is a non for profit corporation which uses all membership dues and proceeds toward the operation of the series and ultimately back to the members through the end of season banquet. 

Step #3 Race with the MSC

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