Awards Dinner Information

The MSC Awards dinner will be held on Sunday January 27, 2008 at Anthony’s Pier 9.

We have included a flyer and directions for the Banquet Dinner.

Please make your reservations early.

Thank You.

2008 Dinner Flyer

Dinner Directions

2008 Dinner Form

MSC “Family Motocross”

October 22, 2007 

Hello to Everyone.

As our MSC RACE SERIES concludes, we look forward to our MSC AWARDS NIGHT, JANUARY 27, 2008. 

Our new web site has been enhanced to meet the challenge of the future.  It includes: Home Page, Communications, Racing Schedule, Tracks, Faq, Rulebook, Applications, Contacts, Contingency, and MSC History……………..A big “Thank You” to John Nicholas for his dedication to our sport, and the gift of his talent to the MSC.

Make plans for our gala evening………..January 27, 2008 – Awards Night.  We have purchased for the Bike Raffle for 1st Prize a CRF HONDA from Jim Moroney’s Inc.  For the 2nd Prize, a YZF 250 YAMAHA from Hunter Motorcycle Corp.  There will be hundreds of Raffle and Door Prizes. Each MSC MEMBER receives a free ticket for the raffle prizes.  (You must be present to win the bikes.)  Class Winners receive 1-10th Place Trophies, (impressive).  1st Place Winners receive Jackets and a complimentary dinner in addition to their  trophy.  2nd – 10th Place Winners receive sweat shirts in addition to their trophy.  There is also Championship Awards from D P Brakes, Pirelli Tire, and Tucker/Rocky. 

Coming soon…..our new Race Series and Conntingency Schedule.  Remember to renew your MSC  Membership early so that you can hold your current number.  You can download the form from our web site.  The “Knobby News” will be mailed to you after Christmas.  It will include an MSC Membership Application, and the Awards Night Dinner Reservation.

Despite a year of misleading and deceptive schemes by others, our MSC FAMILY has remained strong.  We say “thank you” to our riders and their families, and friends for their support.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are now forced to copyright our work product.

The MSC has always given back to you our riders.  We look forward to 2008.  If you have any questions about anything that has appeared on other message boards,  please feel free to call or e-mail your MSC Officers and Committee Members for the correct information.

When you become a member of the MSC FAMILY MOTOCROSS Organization, you know we are here for you and the future of our Sport.  Don’t be mislead by invented half-baked rhetoric and flash.  Our forty- nine years, (soon to be 50 years), of continual dedication to you, the rider, speaks for itself.  We stand on our record!


2007 Metropolitan Sports Committee Guide Book and Champions

Posted is the 2007 Metropolitan Sports Committee Guide Book and MSC Champions from 1976 to present.

2007 MSC Guide Book

Expert Champions

Amateur Champions

Novice and Youth Champions

Championship Points

Here are the points as they stand now. If you have questions please e-mail me and I will check it out.


AM points are still being looked at and checked out. They will be posted by end of week.


Amateur Championship Points

Expert Championship Points

Novice Championship Points

Schoolboy, Collegeboy, Women Championship Points

Vintage, 35, 50 Championship Points

Youth Championship Points

Advancements for 2006

Here are the advancements that I have for this year. If you think you should be on here please e-mail me and let me know.

Also. check the spelling of your name as this list will be printed in the Knobby News.


2006 Advancement Points

Points for Knobby News

The follow is final list of points to print in the Knobby News. If you have any spelling corrections please let me know.



2005 Amatuer Champ Points

2005 Expert Champ Points

2005 Novice Champ Points

2005 Schoolboy, Collegeboy, Women Champ Points

2005 Vintage, 35, 50 Champ Points

2005 Youth Champ Points

2005 Final Race Points

Well it is a slow go but I’m getting there. All points should be up by end of day. Please note that changes might be made due to people that call or e-mail and mistakes that are found. I’m sorry for any trouble that this might cause but this is a work in process.

Have a good week. Please remember I’m only a e-mail away during the off season if there is anything I can do for any of you.

See you all at the Banquet,

2005 Plus 25, 30, 40 Amateur Points

2005 125, 250 Amateur Points

2005 Expert Points

2005 Novice Points

2005 Quad Points

2005 Schoolboy, Collegeboy, Women Points

2005 Vintage, 35, 50 Points

2005 Youth Points

Advancement List for 2005

Here are the advancements as of the end of the year.

Have a good day,

2005 Advancement Points

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