MSC Organization

James Slaughter 845-554-8717
Major policy issues and event planning.
Email –

Vice Chairman
Kathy Fox (862) 220-6505
Backup to Chairman


Michael Gurda IV

Registration/Pointskeeping Questions
Questions concerning scoring, registrations and/or renewals.

MSC Referee
Walter Decker

Contingency / Sponsor Coordinator
James Slaughter 845-554-8717
Contingency support and contact for all MSC sponsors

Rider Representatives
Dave Sterritt, Emile Racenet Jr., Aaron Lampi

You can find at least one of these riders to speak to at every MSC event. Use your rider reps for expressing any opinion you have about MSC motocross. Particularly issues more closely related to riding itself.

Ralph Scannapieco

Please feel free to contact us by filling in the form below.


4 comments on Contacts

  1. Allauto1 says:

    I signed my son up #295 Anthony lanzarone, he is a c rider . my card says b . can we fix this please. 845 464 1404. Thank you.

    1. James Slaughter says:

      Sure will. I actually fixed it, printed the card and mailed it out a couple weeks ago. I’ll mail another one.

  2. 2018300xcw says:

    Hello. Do i get a temp card until my msc card comes in the mail? I plan on racing this weekend but have no temp card to show at event. Please advise.

    1. James Slaughter says:

      Did you sign up at the track or online?

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