Click the above link to Download the MSC Rulebook

We highly recommend our riders and their parents if they are minors, to read and understand the MSC Rulebook.   Each year rules are reviewed and can change, so knowing the rules and reading the rulebook allows you to be proactive in your approach to racing in our race series.  The rules are designed for the protection of our racers, track personnel and the integrity of our sports committee.

AMA Rules will be used in 2021. MSC Guidebook will suppliment AMA rules directly relating to MSC related activies.

Please read and understand the new rules for 2021.

Competition Bulletins

Supplemental Regulations

Eligibility Approval for Non-U.S. Racers

As of 2015, all international participants looking to take part in the AMA Amateur Motocross program must submit an application for approval of their eligibility. For the AMA Amateur Motocross competition, all non-U.S. citizens or riders participating in foreign motocross competitions outside the U.S. must obtain eligibility approval prior to participating at any event, by contacting AMA Motocross Racing Department. Please follow the link to the Application for the AMA International Eligibility Approval: International Eligibility Application

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