2024 Contingency Programs

In order to participate in the Rich Rewards offered by the Manufacturers you need to fill out the appropriate Entry Form.

Please choose Manufacturer from the list below and follow the link to the entry forms. Please read the rules and instructions carefully then send the completed form to the Manufacturers.

That’s all there is to it! Good luck.

2024 will bring over $1 Million in Contingency for MSC Racers!

$252,525 - All MSC Races

$252,525 - All MSC Races

$252,525 - All MSC Races


Click the link above for letter from RM

Make sure at rider signup, you legibly write your email address for each rider.  If we don’t have a correct email, you will not receive your $10 Contingency.

All MSC Riders who race are entered into this program.  End of Year Class Champions will receive their DP Brakes Contingency Award at the banquet in February 2024.

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