Be prepared for the following practices for our events:


  1. Social distancing is key. All protocols are designed with that mission in mind.  Use signage and P.A. announcements on-site to continually reinforce that mission.
  2. Pre-event online messaging will be used to educate participants about social distancing and reminding them to stay home if symptomatic
  3. Staff will be screened for symptoms prior to each event.
  4. A ready supply of PPE will be available for track staff: masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, soap, thermometers.
  5. Staff members to wear masks and gloves.
  6. All doors, windows, workstations, equipment and portable restrooms sanitized before, during and after an event.
  7. Hand sanitizer stations located near portable restrooms
  8. Hand sanitizer located at all staff workstations

Front Gate Admission:

  1. Three individual registration tables will be set up at the front entrance.
  2. Staff required to wear face mask and gloves
  3. Staff will use of hand sanitizer and/or glove change as necessary.
  4. Guests will be given a handout with the social distancing, safe hygiene practices and facility rules.
  5. Exact cash only accepted
  6. Prominent release of liability signage placement.
  7. Open to the public 2 hours before start time for setup and registration
  8. Facility must empty 1 hour after the last on-track activity for non overnight competitors and teams.

Paddock Parking:

  1. Vehicles must park leaving no less than 10 feet apart on all sides
  2. Parking will be monitored and enforced throughout day by staff
  3. Guests will be instructed to remain in their chosen pit area unless going to/from registration, concessions or the racetrack
  4. Camping spaces must be 20-foot width per RV
  5. Campfires not permitted, as they tend to attract groups
  6. Campers should remain in designated camping area at night and avoid roaming or visiting
  7. No evening extra-curricular activities: i.e., kids’ activities, promotional activities

Rider Registration:

  1. Marked line positions 6 feet apart
  2. Designated Advance and On-Site registration windows
  3. Plexiglass or other suitable barrier separating clerks and riders
  4. Hand sanitizers inside and outside of window
  5. Rider must use own pen; pens will not be shared or reused
  6. On-site registration available with safety precautions in place to limit staff/rider interaction
  7. Cash sales require exact change unless sanitized money available

 Staging Area/Track Entrance:

  1. No close contact required
  2. Limited to rider and mechanic only. No other support crew.  Mechanic must wear mask
  3. Riders must be in full gear, including helmet
  4. Rider and mechanic must remain with the motorcycle
  5. Riders called one at a time to their staging position


  1. EMT unit onsite, equipped with PPE
  2. Medical Action Plan with isolation tent for suspected COVID-19 will be implemented
  3. Security will enforce parking restrictions

Food & Beverage: (if permitted)

  1. Follow all local health department requirements
  2. Marked 6-foot gaps between patrons
  3. Credit card and exact cash sales only; no receipts for credit card sales
  4. Plexiglass or other suitable barrier separating staff and customers
  5. Hand sanitizers inside and outside of window
  6. Pre-packaged food only; no self-serve areas
  7. Condiments and napkins given directly to customers upon request only


In addition to the above best practices for All PRACTICE/COMPETITION Events, the following practices will be implemented for Competition events:

  1. Competition Rules will be modified to meet social distancing guidelines
  2. Mechanics Area will be closed, no one allowed on the track at any time.
  3. No autograph sessions
  4. Riders Meetings will be conducted by PA System / FM transmitter
  5. No opening ceremony other than prayer and National Anthem
  6. Start Line limited to rider and mechanic only; Mechanic must wear mask
  7. Results will be posted online and in different locations around facility to avoid congregating
  8. No podium celebrations or interviews
  9. Safety teams and EMTs only permitted to tend to injured riders in medical area or ambulance; no track crew, family allowed in ambulance other than 1 parent of minor injured person
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