Good to see everyone at Practice Wednesday and Sunday.

Coming up for April……..Practice at Ace, Saturday April 11th, MSC Point Race at Claverack, April 19th(Kawasaki Contingency), MSC Point Race, Kalamuski Farm, April 26th.

If you have not renewed your MSC MEMBERSHIP, now is the time to do it!  Hopefully, you have not lost your riding number.  Don’t wait until the first MSC Race.  The cost will be an extra $10.00 to sign up at the Track.  Down load the application from the web site.  Use the application insert from the “Knobby News”.  Call the Registrar/PointsKeeper, Amy, or Leah for an application.  Whatever works for you.  Take care of this important matter as soon as possible.

We look forward to a great Racing Season.  We welcome Anthony Kalamuski & Family at their revitalized Track(formerly Diamondback).

If you were unable to attend Awards Night, your Trophies and Awards can be picked up at Claverack during the Race Season, or make other arrangements with Leah.

Congratulations  to John Buback, YZ 250 F bike winner (purchased from Hunter Motorcycle), Scott Winters, RM 250 F bike winner (purchased from Dutchess Rec.).  

The MSC is the Power House of the Hudson Valley due to the efforts of your Sports Committee Volunteers.  We look forward to our 51st year of MSC FAMILY MOTOCROSS.  Enjoy our fabulous racing program with Contingencies from Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda.

Let’s go racing…………………………



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