Finalized MSC Championship Points

Hi everyone –  Here are the finalized version of the Championship points for this season.  I went back through each race to look for errors, fixed what I found and broke as many ties as I could.  I haven’t heard anything about names being spelled wrong, etc. so we will assume they are all correct.  Leah will begin to set things up to go to the printer soon, so speak now  or don’t complain later!  😉

Information for the banquet will be going up soon, and don’t forget that you can mail in your renewals anytime now to save your number for next year.  -Amy

2010 Youth Points

2010 Schoolboy Collegeboy Women

2010 Vintage 35 50

2010 Novice Points

2010 Amateur Points

2010 Expert Points

2009 Advancements List

Here is the list of all the riders that have earned enough points to advance this season, as well as those who have advanced themselves.  If your name should be on here and it is not, please contact me so I can fix it., (845)657-7259 Amy


2009 Year End Points

Here are the year end points. Please check them over and let me know if there are any questions.

There were quite a few ties.  In that case, we count the # of wins, # of 2nds, # of 3rds, etc until the tie is broken.  In the case of there still being a tie, we then look at the result of the 2nd moto of the last race each rider rode in.

Please make sure your name is spelled right.  These are the results that will be printed in the Knobby News – look now, because there is nothing to be done after it’s printed.

The Banquet is January 31st, 2010 at Anthony’s Pier 9.  Top Ten trophies will be awarded.

Please email me ( or call me (845)657-7259 if there is a problem.







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