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2021 Knobby News

The 2021 Knobby News has been rolled out. Start looking in your mail boxes. This is the 2021 MSC AMA D-34 Annual Yearbook.

Thank you to all our Series Sponsors, Banquet Sponsors, and those who help our series year after year. 

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“Knobby News” Pitboard Messages to your favorite rider!

Each year since 1977 the MSC has published a Season Yearbook called the “Knobby News”.  The Knobby News lists rider placement, stats, interesting facts, news for the next season and so on.  Many riders still have copies of MSC Motocross History tucked away as a keep sake for years! 

Today’s Knobby News is a 40 page full color magazine and you can only get one by being a member of the Metropolitan Sports Committee.  Riders race hard to earn a place in this booklet.  Family and friends have an opportunity to show their love and appreciation to their favorite rider(s) by purchasing a PIT BOARD message in the Knobby News.

2021 Season Banquet February 12th, 2022

The 2021 Motocross Season came to a close after a phenomenal race season consisting of 19 events.

Metropolitan Sports Committee – AMA District 34 was named the AMA’s “Club of the Year” in 2020 and followed that up with almost 1000 members in 2021!  We are so proud that so many motocross racers from the Northeast called the MSC home this season.  We hope you enjoyed our series and come back in 2022. 

The points are up and locked at this time.  Riders who made the Top 10 are eligible for receiving awards at our Season Ending Banquet which is on February 12th, 2022 from 4pm to 9pm at the Orange County Fair Arena, 239 Wisner Avenue, Middletown, NY 10940.  You can only get an award by attending the banquet, so don’t miss out. Sign up today at the link below.

Our awards are huge to say the least.  1st place is over 72″ tall!  Those riders who have earned the coveted MSC Championship also earn a free ticket to the banquet. They also earn a Free MSC Championship Jacket with their name, rider # and the first place classes they earned respectively.  For Championship Riders, please fill out the banquet form as soon as possible. Jacket Size Deadline is December 4th, 2021.  Also for championship riders, please enter your favorite song to walk up and receive your award at the banquet.

Riders who have races the same class all year long and entered to race at EVERY MSC Race in 2021 have earned the Iron Man Award!

The MSC Number 1 Plate which can be run for all of 2022 will be Expert Rider Aaron Lampi, winning a championship in 250A, Open A and Plus 25A! Congratulations Aaron for a great season.

Rider of the Year, accumulates the most combined points in all classes is #813 Aaron Lampi with a combined score of 2,684 Points!

Rookie of the Year, has the highest combined score between the 250A and Open A Classes in their first full season as Expert is #48 Ryder Fox with 458 Points.

The 2022 Race Schedule is now posted so our racers and families can prepare their travel schedule as early as possible.

We would like to thank our tracks:  Ace MX Club at The Wick 338, Diamondback MX, Echo Valley MX, Holiday Mountain Action Sports, Orange County Fair Motocross, and Walden MX for all their hard work and dedication to the MSC Riders in 2021.

Big shout out to our series sponsors:  American Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, Yamaha, Rocky Mountain MC, Fly Racing, and DP Brakes for your contributions to our racers.

Thank you to our dedicated Parts Vendors:  Performance Recreation and Valley Moto Shop.

Thank you to all our officials, our executive board, our volunteers, and track help. You are our backbone and we couldn’t do this without you!

Thank you to all our racers and families who attend our races in 2021 and in the years before.  Through good times and bad, good weather and bad, from championships to crashes, we have proven that we are all one big family that supports each other when it comes down to it. 

Since 1959, the Metropolitan Sports Committee made it our priority that we are here to promote motorcycle riding and racing.  In doing so, we have now become one of the largest families of motocross racing in the United States of America.  Join us in 2022 and continue to be part of this amazing motocross journey!

Happy Holiday’s and God Bless.


James Slaughter, Chairman

2021 Banquet Signup

2021 Season Results

2021 Champions Form

2022 MSC Membership

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us.




Round 20 will finish out the 2021 Season at the Walden Playboys Motocross spanning 2 days with 1 Moto each day starting Saturday, October 23rd for Moto 1 and Sunday, October 24th for Moto 2. 

Walden will be hosting an Open Practice on Friday, October 22nd also.

Here is what Walden MX posted on Facebook:

Gates will open on Thursday (we’re just not sure of a time yet).
Practice will be Friday from 9-3
First round of Moto’s start Saturday morning at 9am
2nd motos start Sunday at 9am.
250A and OpenA run both their motos on Sunday.
20.00 weekend admission
40.00 for practice/ 40.00 per class.
250A and OpenA 50.00/class.
Pay attention to updates and info daily.



MSC will make it’s last trip to the High Speed, High Flying Diamondback MX.  Diamondback has been in East Durham since 2012.  Before this, Diamondback was located in Modena, NY since 1992. This will be their last event in East Durham, NY before moving to their new and final location, in Carlisle, NY.  Let’s have one last great race at Diamondback MX.  

Contingency provided by Honda, Husqvarna and KTM for this event.


Gates Open 12 Noon


Gates Open at 7AM

Practice from 9AM to 3PM


Gates Open 7AM

Signup Opens 7AM

Practice Starts 9AM

Racing 10:15AM

The Original Diamondback MX

Diamondback 2012

Diamondback 2013

Diamondback 2014

Diamondback 2015

Diamondback 2016

Diamondback 2017

Diamondback 2018

Diamondback 2019

Diamondback 2020

This weekend's final puzzle piece!

Completed Puzzle looks like this!

We want to thank everyone who attended our races over the last 29 years.  John Coen and myself have worked hard to keep Diamondback MX one of the most exciting motocross race tracks to race and spectate at. 

For 2022,  we purchased a place where the soil is AWESOME, the folks in the town are eager to have us racing there so, we are excited to bring to you Diamondback MX 3.0 in the Spring of 2022.  The new track is located on our farm, The Ranch at Carlisle,  in Carlisle, NY.  We promise, you will not be disappointed!

We would like to thank our motocross friends and family for all these years building the track, keeping the place operational and as safe as possible.  We would also like to thank the East Durham community including Durham Ambulance and most notably Danny Linden and his dad Rich Linden from providing excellent service for almost 10 years!  We would like to thank the Milk Run, Lawyers Deli, Angel’s Pizza, Stewart’s Shops, Big Top Portable Toilets, Hanniford’s Market, Dalton’s Donuts and Gas, Home Depot, and the BlackThorn Resort.


The points are tightening up in some classes as the MSC Series is coming to a close in the next few weeks.  Riders will be chasing points and a huge payout at Round 18 in Middletown, NY come this Sunday, October 10th, 2021.  Orange County Fair MX will be hosting their Season Showdown with $2,000 for the win in Open A and $1,000 for the win in 250 A, plus Pro Am payout back 15 spots in 250 and Open A.  Vet Expert Payout back 8 spots.  Awards for non-payout classes back 8 spots!

See the attached poster


Gates Open until 11 PM

Weekend Entry $20 – 6 and under free unless racing.


Gates open 7am
Practice 9:30am-2:30pm ($30 to ride)
Race sign up 2pm-5pm
Weekend Entry $20 – 6 and under free unless racing.


Gates and sign up 7am
Practice 9am
Racing starts 10am
$30 per Class
Weekend Entry $20 – 6 and under free unless racing.

Next Event: Round 19 DBMX 10/17/2021 East Durham, NY


This weekend, MSC will downshift 1 gear and head over the mountains of Monticello NY to the Holdiay Mountain Action Sports for Round 17 of the MSC Championship Motocross Series Double Points and Vintage Race.


Gates are open from 4PM to 10PM

$20 per person for the weekend.

Kids 7 and under are free unless they are racing.


Gates are open from 7AM to 10PM.

$20 per person for the weekend. 7 and under are free unless they are racing.

Saturday Open Practice will be $30 per rider.

Early Race Signup from 3PM to 5PM. $30 oer class.


Gates open at 6AM.

$20 per person for the weekend. 7 and under are free unless they are racing.

Race Signup from 7AM to 9AM

Practice begins at 9AM

Racing begins at 10AM


This weekend, the Metropolitan Sports Committee AMA D34 rolls into Orange County Fair Motocross for round 16 of the MSC Championship Motocross Series.  Open Practice will be held on Saturday with Racing on Sunday.


Gates Open until 11pm


Gates open 7am
Practice 9:30am-2:30pm ($30 to ride)
Race sign up 2pm-5pm


Sunday September 19th
Gates and sign up 7am
Practice 9am
Racing starts 10am
$30 per Class

Must have a weekend Pit band to be on the property. $20 Weekend Pit Admission

Metropolitan Sports Committee AMA D34 Competition Partnership has been the leader in grass roots motocross racing and other motorcycling since 1959.  Come race with full gates consistently, enjoy the best, most consistent Expert Payouts week after week in the Northeast.  Join us today!

Round 15 – Echo Valley Farms MX – September 12th, 2021 – Husky-KTM – DOUBLE POINTS

Round 15 brings us north to the rolling farm fields of Echo Valley Farms MX in Coeymans Hollow.  Contingency from Husqvarna and KTM for participating riders. 

Friday gates open at 5PM to Midnight

Saturday gates open at 7AM and Practice is from 9AM to 3PM, Early Signup for Sunday’s MSC MX Race from 3PM to 5:30PM

Sunday gates open at 6AM, Rider Signup opens at 7AM, Riders meeting at 8:45AM, Practice starts at 9AM.

Expert Payout and Trophies back to 8th Place.

Weekend Entry is $15/rider or non riders 6 years and older

Saturday Open Practice is $30/Rider

Race Entry is $30/Class

## Cellular Service is spotty at Echo Valley. We cannot verify AMA Card expirations here using the Online AMA Member Card Verification System, therefore, PLEASE bring your Valid AMA Card or bring your paid receipt either via email from AMA online signup or paper AMA Receipt purchased from the track. If you cannot prove you have an active AMA card, you will be required to purchase a new one.We need to see AMA number and Exp Date. Thank you. ##


Manufacturer Contingency

Aftermarket Rider Rewards Programs

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