Championship Points for Claverack MX 4-17-16

The points are finally done!  Anyone who joined this weekend should look for their card in the mail.

Remember you must always run your own MSC number in order to get points. If borrowing a bike for the day – put your assigned number on it – Front and Side so you are scored correctly.

You must run the same bike in both motos! It is not legal to run a different bike in moto 2 than you ran in moto 1!!

Always check the results board to make sure you are listed in the right class in the morning and then that you were scored right after each moto! It is the riders responsibility to do this! You have 30 minutes after your moto to make sure things are right!

Background color check will begin Memorial Day.

2016 Expert Points

2016 Amateur Points

2016 Novice Points

2016 2StrokeSchoolboy Collegeboy Women


2016 Youth Points

ADVANCEMENT POINTS :Advancement Points 2016

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