Championship Points for Claverack MX 4-19-15


2015 Expert Points

2015 Amateur Points

2015 Novice Points

2015 2StrokeSchoolboy Collegeboy Women


2015 Youth Points

Background color checks will begin on May 10th at Twister Valley. At that point if you do not have the proper color displayed – your points will not count. No exceptions.

Experts – Only WHITE plates will count

Amateurs – only YELLOW plates will count

Novice – Must have Black plates

Pee Wee must be WHITE

65/85cc Minis – only YELLOW plates will count

As I have told riders in the past – it is acceptable to put colored duck tape around the edges of the plates to make them look like the correct color and this will be accepted!

Also, riders who do not run their assigned MSC riding number will not receive their points towards the Championship

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