Championship Points for Claverack MX 5/15/16

Background color check begins on 5-29-16 @ Twister. 

Just a reminder of the proper colors needed in order to receive points:

ExpertWhite with black numbers (Black with white numbers is allowed only for Pro Am riders)

AmateurYellow with Black numbers

NoviceBlack with white numbers

WomenRed with white or black numbers (Blue only accepted for Pro Am riders)

Pee Wee 50cc classesWhite with Black numbers only

Youth 65cc/85cc Mini classesYellow with Black numbers only

You must always use your assigned MSC number in order to receive points (even on borrowed bikes!)


2016 2StrokeSchoolboy Collegeboy Women

2016 Youth Points

2016 Novice Points

2016 Amateur Points

2016 Expert Points

Check your Advancement Point status here: Advancement Points 2016



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