Championship Points for Echo Valley MX 4-12-15

Just to let all riders know – I will begin checking your background colors on MAY 10TH at Twister Valley. From that point on if you do not have the correct colors displayed your points will not count.

Expert needs to have White backgrounds – black is not acceptable

Amateur needs to have Yellow backgrounds – white is not acceptable

Novice needs to have Black backgrounds – white is not acceptable

Youth 65cc and ALL Mini classes need to be Yellow – white is not acceptable

50cc Pee Wees need to be White

This is in the MSC rulebook.

Also, please consider how hard it is to score your bikes when the plates are covered in mud. It’s your responsibility to clean your plates in between moto’s.  And one last thing: Please have your number on all three plates!!  Think of how hard it is to score when there are no numbers….

2015 Youth Points

2015 2StrokeSchoolboy Collegeboy Women


2015 Novice Points

2015 Amateur Points

2015 Expert Points

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