Championship Points from Diamondback MX 5-3-15

Background color checks start this Sunday at Twister Valley. Make sure you have the proper colors for your backgrounds or no more points will count! You are allowed to use Duck tape on the sides to fix the color issues you may have, but no more wrong colors will be accepted.

Experts are WHITE, Amateurs are YELLOW, Novice are BLACK, Women are RED, 65 & 85cc are YELLOW, and Pee Wee are WHITE.  NO EXCEPTIONS –  You must also have the correct MSC riding number on all 3 sides of the bike!

2015 Youth Points

2015 Novice Points

2015 Amateur Points

2015 Expert Points


2015 2StrokeSchoolboy Collegeboy Women

Also here is the ADVANCEMENT POINT CHART so you can see how close you are to moving up:   Advancement Points 2015

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