End of Year Championship Points

2013 Youth Points

2013 2StrokeSchoolboy Collegeboy Women

2013 Vintage 35 50

2013 Novice Points

2013 Amateur Points

2013 Expert Points

Advancement Points 2013

Here are the final points for the year. The top ten riders will receive trophies at the banquet which is being held on Feb. 9th 2014.  Top ten riders are highlighted. When there is a tie for points, I go back and check to see how many wins each rider had, then how many 2nds, how many 3rds and so on. That is how it is broken. I have also posted the Advancement points chart, so you can see how many points you have. We did not have anyone  advance by points this year. Anyone who moved up this year, did so on their own.

Membership renewals can be sent in any time. Please print out the application online and send it to me. Your numbers will only be held until March 1st, 2014.

Double check the spellings of your names. Let me know of any corrections early. The names will go from here into the Knobby News.


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