Final Championship Points Sheets for 2014 season!

2014 Youth Points

2014 Novice Points

2014 Amateur Points

2014 Expert Points

2014 2StrokeSchoolboy Collegeboy Women


Congratulations to all the class Champions and top 10 riders!  Everything has been gone over and should be correct. Any ties were broken by how many best finished each rider had.  Please check your names to make sure I have everything spelled correctly.

Congratulations to Gerred Wilkie  #777 and Bryant Shapiro Jr #35 for advancing from Novice to Amateur!!

From the 2014 MSC Rulebook:  “Any Novice rider who wins the C Championship and has not yet accumulated enough  advancement points to move up to B shall be moved by the MSC to Amateur for the following season.”   Congratulations to Todd Cameron #326 & Joe Stanley #51  you are both also Amateurs!

Here is the Advancement Points chart so you can check to see where you stand for next year:

Advancement Points 2014

Start planning ahead for next season:

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