Points for Claverack MX 5-18-14

Here are the points from Claverack 5/18/14. This was a Double Point race, as well as the first race that background colors were checked.  Most of you received your points.  If you did not receive your points this week, you may want to check the rulebook to make sure you have the right color background. It is also important to use your MSC assigned number.

I want to mention again that a simple fix for not having the correct color is to use duck tape ($5 @Walmart) around the edges of the plates to at least show you are attempting to follow our rules. We know that some Mini riders run other districts and need the white plates – this is the easiest way to fix your problem.

Next week at Echo Valley will be another Double Point race, so be prepared!

2014 Youth Points

2014 2StrokeSchoolboy Collegeboy Women


2014 Novice Points

2014 Amateur Points

2014 Expert Points

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