Points for Echo Valley 5-11-14

5/16/14 : It has been mentioned to me that someone is posting on Facebook that the colors don’t count this weekend. THIS IS A FALSE RUMOR!

BACKGROUND COLOR CHECK BEGINS AT CLAVERACK MAY 18TH – wrong color backgrounds = no Championship points


2014 Expert Points

2014 Amateur Points

2014 Novice Points


2014 2StrokeSchoolboy Collegeboy Women

2014 Youth Points

Here are the points from the 5/11 race at Echo Valley.  The next race is at Claverack and will be our first Double Points event.  This is the race when I will begin checking everyone’s background colors.  If you do not have the proper color backgrounds – your points will not count towards the Championship.  (The only exception will be new members on race day)

The proper colors are as follows:

Pee Wee 50cc – White plates/Black numbers

65cc – 85cc classes – Yellow plates/Black numbers

Novice – Black plates/White Numbers

Amateur – Yellow plates/Black numbers

Expert – White plates/Black numbers

Women/Girls – Red plates/ White or black numbers – Blue is accepted for the “Pro card” holders


Your MSC assigned number must be used on all 3 sides of your bike – we need this to be able to Score you easier!    If you have to borrow a bike on race day, use a paper plate to get your number on there for the day.   This is nothing new, so be ready!



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