Points for Twister Valley MX 6/1/14

Here are the points from Twister Valley 6/1.  Our next race is at Orange County on 6/8.

Just a few reminders:

When you are a Novice or Amateur rider who is moving yourself up you need to tell me so I am aware of it (and can make you a new card)  and also so you can see if your number will still be good in the next class!

If your bike breaks down and you run a borrowed bike – you need to make sure you get your own MSC number on the borrowed bike.  I know things happen, but you will not get your points if you don’t have your number on the borrowed bike.  It’s not good enough to “talk to the track owner” or just tell whoever is in the booth.  The color can be waived for the day, but you must always use your own number.

If you are waiting for new backgrounds to come, it is acceptable to use colored duck tape on your bike so you are running the right colors!  If you are at least attempting to follow the rules, it is appreciated.  Those of you who need to add numbers on your plates when riding with the MSC, should use tape that is visible to the scorers.  Light blue painters tape and silver duct tape is very hard to see.

2014 Youth Points


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2014 Novice Points

2014 Amateur Points

2014 Expert Points

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