Points from Claverack Mx 4/13/14

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Here are the Championship Points from Claverack 4/13/14.  We had an awesome turnout which made for a great day of racing!

I will not be checking for background colors until the next Claverack race on May 18th.  That will be a double points race, so be sure you have the right color on your bikes.  It is also required that you have your correct MSC number on your bike. Anyone who joined this weekend received points, but in order to receive points in the future, you will need the correct number.

Riders should have their MSC riding number on ALL 3 SIDES of your bike.

Please note: the +35 class is not being offered at all tracks this year. It is a NON points class.

Pee Wee 4-6, 7-8 & Oil Injected classes please take note of the updated rule stating that these classes are Stock Classes only.

Membership cards are being made and will be coming in the mail next week.

Enjoy your Easter holiday and we’ll see you at Orange County MX on the 27th!

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