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Advancement Points 2014

Here is the ADVANCEMENT POINT CHART so those of you who are getting close to moving up can keep an eye on where you are standing.  As soon as a rider reaches 125 in Novice or 250 in Amateur advancement points, you will no longer be allowed to run those classes. You will be moved up and your Championship points will remain where they are. Those of you getting close should check with me to see if you number will be available in the next higher class. If it is not, you will need to change your number when you advance.

Please remember that Championship Points and Advancement points are different. A lot of people look at the Championship points and think that riders are over their limit for advancing.

Proper color backgrounds need to be run in order for your points to count! Pee Wee’s should have WHITE. any Youth class above 50cc, needs to use YELLOW plates for the points to count.  We know that other districts may use white, but we do not. A simple fix is putting yellow duck tape around the edges when you race with us and I will count it.

Novice riders should be running BLACK plates.  Any other color will not count.  Colors are checked every race and if I miss anyone, I check on Vintage 54’s pictures.


All of this information can be found in the rule book located on the top of the website.  If you are a newer rider – please read the rules and know what is expected of you.

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