Points from Twister Valley 5/4/14

Here are the points from Twister.  As you will see, many classes did not get points due to not enough riders in the class. (You must have 5 riders signed up in order to receive points)  I have not yet posted the Girls class. I will do so at a later time once something is clarified.

The next race is at Echo on Mother’s day May 11th.  This will be the last race that you can get away with not having the proper background colors.  On May 18th I will begin checking color backgrounds and you will not receive points if you are not using the correct ones.

Pee Wee 50cc – White plates with black numbers

65cc/Junior Mini/Mid Mini/Senior Mini/Open Mini – Yellow plates with black numbers

Women/Girls – Red plates with either white or black numbers (Blue is accepted for those holding Pro cards)

Novice – Black plates with white numbers

Amateur – Yellow plates with black numbers

Expert – White plates with black numbers

2014 Youth Points

2014 Novice Points

2014 Amateur Points

2014 Expert Points

2014 2StrokeSchoolboy Collegeboy Women


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