On February 15th, 2015, motocross riders from all over the northeast trekked through the ice and snow to the Hudson Valley Resort & Spa in the quaint mountain town called Kerhonkson, New York.

With the entries to the banquet growing year after year, we had to expand the area we used once again.   This is such a good sign of the health of our sports committee.  MSC is now 56 years old and the representation of 3 generations from the Stempel family shows the commitment of our members.

Just like your commitment, MSC has worked extremely hard to to secure the prizes that were given out and raffled off.  No other banquet can boast the offerings we have, and we are very proud of that.  Two brand new motocross bikes were raffled off.  Big Boyz Toys Kawasaki of Marlboro, NY gave the MSC a great deal on the 2015 Kawasaki KX250F and KX450F.  Those bikes were #38 and #39 of bikes raffled off to our riders over the many years we have done this, which is over $195,000 in motorcycles raffled.   These figures are astonishing.




Special mention to Jim Moroney’s Cycle, whose raffle of their GoPro Hero 4 camera was once again a big success.


As always, a big thank you to Steve & Leslie Loving from Vintage 54.  Their dedication to the MSC and motocross is strong and long lasting.  Their great pictures make for long lasting memories that will last a lifetime.  Thank you.


Below listed are the sponsors of prizes to the MSC banquet door prize and raffle tables.  Please click on their names to visit their websites.  If you are in the market for products they sell, give them a shot.  They are the companies that support our series and our sport.

If you think this is where we rest and 2015 will be the same old MSC, well we are sorry, but that is not the case.  In 2015, we have made some changes:

  1. Vintage Classes
    1. Classes Offered
      1. VINTAGE/EVOLUTION 70’s: Minimum age of 12 yrs. 100cc-Opencc, 1979* and older motorcycles qualify. A, B, C, riders are run & and scored together. No advancement points. * Exceptions are 1980’s Motorcycle that must be air cooled, non-linkage rear suspension, conventional forks, drum brakes. No other exceptions!
      2. VINTAGE/MODERN 80’s: Minimum age of 12 yrs. 100cc-Opencc, 1989 and older motorcycles qualify. A, B, C, riders are run & and scored together. No advancement points
      3. VINTAGE/ADVANCED 90’s: Minimum age of 12 yrs. 100cc-Opencc, 1999 and older motorcycles qualify. A, B, C, riders are run & and scored together. No advancement points
    2. Schedule
      1. All Vintage Races will be held at All Claverack MX races and (1) one race at Double Points paying races at the following tracks: Diamondback, Echo, Orange, and Twister. Classes may be ran together depending on rider turnout. Check trophy payout as it may differ from regular classes.
  2. MSC Point Credit
    1. Points Tables
      1. MSC Points Tables will remain the same.  All riders who do not receive points because of their result in a class with 5 or more riders and have completed more than half the laps will receive 1 championship point for that class.
  3. 250 A & Open A Points Fund
    1. A rider points fund has been created by the MSC to payout the expert riders in the Final Top 10 positions in the 250A and OpenA Class Points at the end of the year.
  4. MSC Website
    1. Race Results
      1. All tracks will be using XtremeScore to push their web data to the MSC website for review.  The tracks who have internet will be able to do the posting in real time during an event.
    2. Lap Times
      1. Tracks who chose to run the XtremeScore transponder system will have the ability to show laptimes at the track in real time and if internet is available, the laptimes will appear on our website as well.
    3. Rider Profiles
      1. Riders will be able to create their own Rider Profile page within the MSC website.  The profile pages offer a unique look at a riders individual results, laptimes, stats, and other cool features.  Riders will be able to connect to their friends and communicate within the site.
      2. Communication from the MSC, our tracks, and our riders will expand to event based emails and text message alerts as long as your email and /or your mobile phone information is entered.


Yes, the MSC is looking forward into 2015.  Our commitment to you, the rider, is stronger than ever.  We can’t wait until the season starts.  Remember to signup before MARCH 1st to avoid losing your rider number and save $10.00.

Memberships will be $35 starting March 1st.

Thank you,

The Metropolitan Sport Committee



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