2022 MSC Motocross Season is upon us!

With winter winding down, it is always hard to believe we will be racing in just a few short weeks! I mean the snow is still on the ground while I write this, but the weather looks bright just a few days from now!   Riders have been traveling all over the place in search of some seat time.  We see it on social media and its great to see. 

If you are new to this or just a procrastinator (we know who you are), here’s some tips on what you need to race and what to expect come race day #1:

  • What do you need to register to race on race day?
  • What do you need to know about the weekend of motocross racing?
    • Tracks open up Friday afternoons for parking. If you are really into the motocross lifestyle, then plan on getting there as early as possible. The tracks will tell you when they open and close the gates.
    • Saturday Practice usually starts around 9AM.  Get there and sign up for practice.  Go out in the practice class you belong in.  Remember, practice is “practice” not racing, take your time, don’t ride over your head, especially the first few times out, AND especially at the beginning of the season when everyone is a little rusty. 
    • Tracks usually do race signup on Saturday. You know you are going to race whether its sunny, raining, or what ever the condition so sign up!  Don’t wait until Sunday if you can avoid it.
    • Sunday Racing:  If you cannot get there until Sunday, just know you need to be there early to signup.  Expect lines at signup on Sunday. 
    • Remember to check the gate pick report to ensure all your info is correct AND you are listed in the class(es) you signed up in. 
    • CHECK YOUR RACE RESULTS!!  Make sure you check the results board frequently.  If you wait beyond the 30 minute posting time, results will remain official, even if they are incorrect! 
    • Trophies and payout will be given out 30 minutes after final results are posted.
    • Anyone under the age of 18 years MUST be accompanied by their parent(s) or guardian(s) for the entire time they are at the race track.  If your kids are coming to the track with another family other than their parents or guardians, they will need a notarized note giving the person responsible for the minor at the track guardianship while they are at the race track.
    • Take your garbage with you. Please keep our pits clean. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR TRASH ON THE GROUND. Bring your trash home with you.

2022 MSC Tracks

2022 MSC Racing Schedule

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