Support Our Trackside Vendors

The AMA has added a section to their rule book for the safety of riders at AMA Sanctioned events.  The rule is listed in the 2023 AMA Rule book on page 28 (Section 1.2 Motocross Equipment; F Competition Apparel; 4) states the following:

“It is highly recommended that chest and back protection be worn by all competitors. It is required for all competitors in Youth Classes to wear chest and back protection. The protector may be worn under or over the jersey, and it should cover the sternum anterior ribs, posterior ribs, and spine from T1 to T12. For road racing a back protector must be worn under their leathers unless integrated into the design of the leathers.”

Please if you do not already have the proper equipment as stated above, we suggest you take the time between now and your first ride of the year to purchase one. If you are an adult, wearing the aforementioned safety device is highly suggested but ultimately your decision to wear it.  Youth will be a MUST.

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