MSC Motocross in 2020

We have been hearing it for years, “You guys have to set aside your differences and get everyone back together!”.  Well, we certainly have given it our best shot for 2020. What is so different about 2020 you may ask?

  • Walden MX returns to MSC.
  • AMA Race Sanctioning returns to MSC under the title Metropolitan Sports Committee, AMA D34 Competition Partnership
  • Claverack MX is not with MSC

Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding 2020:

  1. Will you need to purchase an AMA Card to race an MSC event?   Yes, you will need a valid AMA Card in the Riders Name and produce it at rider sign up to race at an MSC event.   SIGNUP FOR AMA HERE
  2. Will you need an AMA Card to practice at an MSC Track?  No, you are not required to have an AMA Card at practice, although supporting the AMA is always a good thing.
  3. Are prices going up at the tracks now that AMA is part of MSC?  Although prices are the same for 2020, price is determined by each track and not the MSC.
  4. Will I lose my MSC Race Number now that AMA has their own numbers?  No, MSC riders will retain their own riding number unless the rider does not sign up by March 1st, 2020.  Then the number is released to anyone who wishes to purchase the riding number in that skill level.  AMA does not handle riding numbers for MSC.
  5. I was a former AMA District 34 rider, now I want to race MSC and someone has my old riding number, what can I do?  If an MSC member has the number, the only thing you can do is select a new one.  MSC does offer a leading 0 for 1 and 2 digit numbers. Example, I was #5 Expert, but Mike MSC Motocrosser has that number, but #05 is available, I’ll take that number.
  6. There are two AMA District 34’s listed, where should I race?  AMA dissolved the Recognized District Organization called District 34 in 2019.  AMA has given the title AMA D34 Competition Partnership to the MSC as the majority of our tracks are located in the boundaries for AMA District 34.  If you wish to race with Ace MX @ The Wick 338, Diamondback MX, Echo Valley MX, Holiday Mountain MX, Orange County Fair MX, and Walden MX, you are in the right place!  Sign up with MSC D34 Competition Partnership, the Northeast’s Largest Race Organization.
  7. Will my district card from another AMA Recognized district be recognized with the MSC?  We do not recognize out of district cards at MSC events.  You will be required to purchase a one day membership ($10 at the track) or a full season membership ($35 at the track).  This includes the race in October at Walden listed on the D2MX website. All riders attending must be either a one day MSC member or a seasonal MSC member.
  8. Does MSC have parts vendors onsite during events?  Yes MSC has parts vendors onsite during races at all events.
  9. I ordered my MSC card, how long should I wait before seeing it in the mail?  You should receive your MSC card within 2 weeks of purchasing online or signing up at the track, or 3 weeks of mailing it in.
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