MSC will make it’s last trip to the High Speed, High Flying Diamondback MX.  Diamondback has been in East Durham since 2012.  Before this, Diamondback was located in Modena, NY since 1992. This will be their last event in East Durham, NY before moving to their new and final location, in Carlisle, NY.  Let’s have one last great race at Diamondback MX.  

Contingency provided by Honda, Husqvarna and KTM for this event.


Gates Open 12 Noon


Gates Open at 7AM

Practice from 9AM to 3PM


Gates Open 7AM

Signup Opens 7AM

Practice Starts 9AM

Racing 10:15AM

The Original Diamondback MX

Diamondback 2012

Diamondback 2013

Diamondback 2014

Diamondback 2015

Diamondback 2016

Diamondback 2017

Diamondback 2018

Diamondback 2019

Diamondback 2020

This weekend's final puzzle piece!

Completed Puzzle looks like this!

We want to thank everyone who attended our races over the last 29 years.  John Coen and myself have worked hard to keep Diamondback MX one of the most exciting motocross race tracks to race and spectate at. 

For 2022,  we purchased a place where the soil is AWESOME, the folks in the town are eager to have us racing there so, we are excited to bring to you Diamondback MX 3.0 in the Spring of 2022.  The new track is located on our farm, The Ranch at Carlisle,  in Carlisle, NY.  We promise, you will not be disappointed!

We would like to thank our motocross friends and family for all these years building the track, keeping the place operational and as safe as possible.  We would also like to thank the East Durham community including Durham Ambulance and most notably Danny Linden and his dad Rich Linden from providing excellent service for almost 10 years!  We would like to thank the Milk Run, Lawyers Deli, Angel’s Pizza, Stewart’s Shops, Big Top Portable Toilets, Hanniford’s Market, Dalton’s Donuts and Gas, Home Depot, and the BlackThorn Resort.

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